Classical Tafsirs now available in English

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  1. A Daleel

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    bislmillah hir rehmaan nir raheem

    as sallaam 3alaykum

    there is no need to discuss such matters in the public, particularly where novices and semi-literates abound. fitna is sleeping and woe unto him who rouses it.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.

    UUUUMMMMMMM, I dont think this is an issues being literate, semi literate or any variation of of it, more to do with the brother asking a sincere question regarding a passage of text. The issue is one of having permission to read such books. I heard from his eminece Mevlana sheikh Sidi Nazim effendi (some 16 years ago) that only the Auliya have permission to read the books of ibne el arabi due to his writings having a high degree of "ilme jifri", £ala hadret refers to this in his malfoozat, so ma3 shallah brothe abu hasan or should i say "sheikh or allama?" good for you that you have permission to read such books.

    Anyway brother naqshbandi if you would like me to scan the section of tafsir hasanaat shareef regarding surah Duha (just message me and i'll make it avaalable for you ), btw it is in urdu and the tafsir part was written by Allama sayyed Khaleel shah sahib alwai radwi chisti nazaami and not his father sayyed qibla sahib Abul; hasssanaat shah sahib reaheemullahi ta3ala
  2. abu Hasan

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    astaghfirullah al-Ázīm.

    keep away from books attributed to shaykh al-akbar, unless you read them with someone deeply rooted in tawHid and sunnah and who can highlight the forgeries attributed to the shaykh.

    i went through it some time ago and was shocked to say the least. it is full of anti-islamic views and anti-ahl-as'sunnah beliefs. in the tafsir you mentioned are christian ideas and patent disrespect of the prophet SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. [my copy of this 'tafsir' is printed by dar-sadir, sidon; which, i gather is owned by christians.]

    in 'tafsir' of surah ikhlas, it is said:"the attributes of Allah ta'ala are not additional to His Person, but they are the same as His Person (bal hiya áyn adh-dhāt)

    whereas, the published aqidah of shaykh ibn arabi as mentioned in his al-wasaya is classical ash'ari aqidah.[probably copied from imām al-sha'arani's book al-yawaqit wa'l jawahir.]

    imam al-sha'arani in the preface of his book al-yawaqit wa'l jawahir fi bayani aqayid al-akabir said:
    the gnostic shaykh abu tahir al-muzani al-shadhili told me that everything that is found in all of shaykh muHiyuddin's [ibn arabi] books that contradict the qur'an and sunnah are forgeries introduced in them [madsūsun álayhi]. because he [ibn arabi] was an accomplished man [of knowledge] according to the majority of researchers, and an accomplished person will not commit such blunders [shaT'ĥāt] of going against the book and sunnah.*
    there is a detailed exposition on these forgeries in the book and whosoever is interested may look it up. suffice it to say, that the likes of as-subki and bulqini were anti-ibn arabi in the beginning but they revised their opinions when they learnt of the truth; imam as-subki wrote a favorable note on shaykh al-akbar as said by al-sha'arani.

    there is no need to discuss such matters in the public, particularly where novices and semi-literates abound. fitna is sleeping and woe unto him who rouses it.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.

    *not a totally literal translation; call it an adaptive one.
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  3. A Daleel

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    dear brother

    First of all my arabic is not perfect enough to be able to give you a good translation of what you wrote further more this is a tafsir from ibne el arabi, i have no persmission to read his books as he was from the suffiya til 3alaiyyah
    please check this link for english translations from ibne abbas's tafsir.

    I have tafsir hasanaat shareef which i have permission to read if you would like to know the tafsir given by hadt=ret sheikh ul qur'an imam el mufassareen sayyed muhammed abul hasanaat shah sahib alwai qadiri radwi then i can give the tarjimah and the tafsir of surah duha from that source
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    edit [aH]: for obvious reasons, no offence intended.

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  5. A Daleel

    A Daleel Guest

    salaams brother, well there are some mistakes but that mostly regarding choices of words and phrases, If you want to check them out without buying them they are available on line i use the site when i require an english translation of an ayat, but normally i refer to Tafsir hasanaat shareef

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