Coronavirus and jumu'ah

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  1. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    This Pakistani mufti sahib says people are no longer liable for missing jama3at since now the government has mandated it.

    Muneebur Rehman sahib should issue a new video in light of this development - government stipulation.

    Abdun Nabi Hameedi sahib's FatwA in a previous post also says that if the south African government stipulates, then they can stop congregational prayers (paraphrased in my words).
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    I realized this applies to the passages of Fatawa Ridawiyya, Ahkam e Shari`at and al Malfuz as well as Maktubat Sharif of Hadrat Mujaddid Alfe Sani rahmatullahi alayh
  5. AR Ahmed

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    Someone on Twitter posted this from Ahkam e Shari`at


    “What do the Úlamā of Dīn say regarding this matter, that some people avoid eating with an ill person and do not wear the clothes of that ill person. They say, ‘One person’s disease can be caught by another person.’ Is there any prohibition of this in the Ĥadīth or not?”

    The great Mujaddid replied: “This is a lie; that the disease of one person is caught by another person. RasūlAllāh ﷺ has stated, ‘There is no contagious disease’ and he ﷺ stated, ‘Then who infected the first one?’.
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    So now it's official in UK, new measures on restrictions on leaving home. Places of worship will close

    So now there is no option but to close the Masajids as its a government decision.
  7. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Mufti Mehmood Akhtar sahib qadi of Maharashtra says muadhdhin imam and another 2 to 3 caretakers of the mosque can pray in mosques by jama3at to keep the mosques functional. Others please pray at homes.

    PS. He's well respected by Muhaddithe Kabeer and also Tajush Shariah 3alaihir rahmah used to give credence to his opinions.

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  8. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    Mufti Abdun Nabi Hamidi sahib's FatwA. He's translated Kanzul Iman into English afaik.

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  9. abu Hasan

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    it is wajib when there is no hindrance.

    jazakAllah khayran.
  10. AR Ahmed

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    The ibarat from Badai al Sanai quoted by Mufti Rafiq ul hasani sahib دامت بركاتهم العليه is [1] بدائع الصنائع – المكتبة الشاملة (1/ 384) فصل : في بيان من تجب عليه الجماعة و أما بيان من تجب عليه الجماعة فالجماعة إنما تجب على الرجال العاقلين الأحرار القادرين عليها من غير حرج فلا تجب على النساء و الصبيان و المجانين و العبيد و المقعد و مقطوع اليد و الرجل من خلاف و الشيخ الكبير الذي لا يقدر على المشي و المريض (in some nuskas 1:155)

    This is also in other books as ‎ (فتسن أو تجب) ثمرته تظهر في الإثم بتركها مرة (على الرجال العقلاء البالغين الأحرار القادرين على الصلاة بالجماعة من غير حرج)

    See Fatawa Hindiyya kitab al salat bab al imamah 1:91 (Dar al Kutub al Ilmiyya)

    Radd al muhtar, kitab al salat, bab shurut al salah, 2:290 (dar al alam al kutub)
    Binayah fi sharh al hidayah, bab al imamah, 2:381 (dar al fikr) Badai as sanai (1:155)

    Binayah mentions in full: البناية شرح الهداية (2/ 324) وفي " التحفة ": الجماعة إنما تجب على من قدر عليها من غير حرج وتسقط بالعذر حتى لا تجب على المريض والأعمى والزمن ونحوهم هذا إذا لم يجد الأعمى قائدا، والزمن من يحمله، وكذا إذا وجد عند أبي حنيفة، وعندهما تجب، قال محمد: لا تجب الجمعة ولا الجماعة على المريض، والمقعد، والزمن والأعمى، ومقطوع اليد والرجل من خلاف أو مقطوع الرجل، والمقطوع الرجل، والمفلوج الذي لا يستطيع المشي وإن لم يكن به ألم، والشيخ الكبير العاجز

    Shami also mentions ‎(قوله ولو فاتته ندب طلبها) فلا يجب عليه الطلب في المساجد بلا خلاف بين أصحابنا، بل إن أتى مسجدا للجماعة آخر فحسن، وإن صلى في مسجد حيه منفردا فحسن. وذكر القدوري: يجمع بأهله ويصلي بهم، يعني وينال ثواب الجماعة كذا في الفتح ‎واعترض الشرنبلالي بأن هذا ينافي وجوب الجماعة. وأجاب ح بأن الوجوب عند عدم الحرج، وفي تتبعها في الأماكن القاصية حرج

    Same as the ibarat quoted by Sh. Abu Hasan from Bahare Shariat

  11. Salaam. There are among us some who are not displaying symptoms and are probably infecting people, some of who may die because of it (pretty remote but possible nonetheless). fyi
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  12. abu Hasan

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    the concept of 'adwaa' or 'udh kar lagna' or disease being transmitted from one to another up until alahazrat's time is NOT the same as bacterial/viral infection that WE NOW KNOW. hence it would be unfair to judge the opinions of ulama who did not have access to this information and at the same time, negligence on our part to continue to look the other way and refuse to harmonise the information

    here is a short vid on the bubonic plague. notice a passing mention of the belief that disease 'jumped' from person to person. THAT is adwa. no one gets a headache by sitting next to a person with a headache. or a diabetic or a heart patient.

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    me too. the usual suspects who stand to gain from any such machinations are losing badly. markets are down, every sector is losing money big time. only big-pharma MAY make some money if there is a vaccination/medicine developed, but that won't explain the current mess.

    as you have noted, gates has been warning since 2010. it is not surprising because his foundation has invested in it and obviously will have access to cutting-edge research.

    it is moot point.

    personally, i think that the threat is real going by what's happening in italy, germany and france. and iran. the US and the UK. china. south korea. hey, wait. what about russia. why are there very few cases? my point is that if only a few thousands would die or if it were not that contagious, countries would not lockdown at a war footing. nor would countries like US allow losses of billions.

    all theories of how bad it is (or perhaps not) will be tested in the coming weeks - when large, diverse populations like US and india (incidentally both led by megalomaniacal morons who wasted valuable time) will enter the (forecasted) critical phase. hear an expert predict a tsunami for india.

    that has already happened. the world will not be the same again. the way we work, interact, take globe-trotting for granted. the world will never be the same.

    but first, let this storm blow over.
  19. ramiz.noorie

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    sidi abu hasan,
    thanking you for your rational explanation.

    Unfortunately many started attacking our scholars and giving ammunition to other groups.

    for example

    this guy Dar al-hadith
    supposedly barelwi who runs the website dar al-hadith mocks by his post on facebook

    Yesterday at 1:36 AM
    Interesting times:

    Barelvis: the science is clear! The moon could not have been sighted. We cannot follow your sighting.
    Salafis: science can be wrong, Allah is Powerful over all things.

    Barelvis: forget science! where is your Tawhid and reliance in God? We will keep the mosques open.
    Salafis: the science is clear about the dangers of the virus, we trust these scientists and will be closing mosques

    another guy who posts by the name of Qalandar Tabrizi - Hatem Awni Sect
    has been posting crazy things and someone sidi Aqdas posts are being shared everywhere on the groups.

    very interesting post

    free masons having a ride on the general public ?
  20. sherkhan

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    I don't buy any conspiracy theory angle (even though US & China have been openly pointing fingers at each other); notwithstanding Dean Koontz's "The Eyes of Darkness" shot in dark. It's pandemic that was waiting to happen.

    Bill Gates had been warning about it for long (and some conspiracy theorists have unfairly blamed Gates foundation for this outbreak). I would highly recommend everyone here to watch Gates' 2015 TED talk (if you haven't already).

    Chinese researchers (Zheng-Li Shi et al) have been predicting this eventuality for quite some time. Only 8 months back, China was busy censuring Ai Fen's early warnings on WeChat.

    For all you conspiracy theorists, I just discovered a 2013 report accusing China of developing a new virus strain (and more here and here). A new grist for conspiracy theory mill! As late as in October 2019, John Hopkins Univ researchers were busy modelling the scale of next pandemic impact (and guess what, this exercise was sponsored by Gates Foundation!).

    A timely article in BBC on whether experts are over-estimating the threat (and over-counting Covid-19 related deaths) to the elderly who are anyway susceptible to seasonal spikes in mortality rate. As mentioned in my earlier post, pandemic deaths are being conflated with deaths that would have occurred any way during the normal course of event.

    I am not downplaying the risk to the elderly and the vulnerable (including the health workers). If I had someone vulnerable/at-risk in family, my precautions would be more heightened.

    But I think the panic, lockdowns, mass quarantine etc. are not proportionate to the risk posed by Covid-19. As it happens, this is the first pandemic with real-time update, round-the-clock flash news, fueled by genie out of social media bottle. If mass hysteria is not contained, then similar pandemics in near future will lead people to edge and cause an anthropological shift of seismic proportions.
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