Corrections in the Ascension

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    Assalamu 'Alaykum. I came across this book on the Miraaj. May Allah reward the author and the team for trying their best in producing this work. It was a good read and I learnt many things. However when I was reading it, I noticed a few errors in the translation. Some of these mistakes are related to the Qur’an so I post them to raise awareness and so they may be rectified.

    There are more knowledgeable brothers on here with better Arabic than mine and far more learned than me so if I am mistaken in the following things then feel free to correct me as I could be wrong.


    [page 30] فَأَوْحَىٰ is on the scale of إفعال in terms of its Arabic scale. It is the 3rd person and so translates to ‘He revealed’ rather than ‘I revealed’. The pronoun on the word عَبْدِهِ is also 3rd person and so translates to ‘His servant’ rather than ‘My servant.’

    It seems the translator has become confused between the scale of the verbs and mistakenly assumed it is the singular 1st person of a verb.


    [page 34] the word كافة does not mean ‘as a sufficer’. It refers to people in their entirety. Maybe the author got mixed up between the urdu usage of the word 'kaafi' and كافة.

    I checked Tafsir al-Baghawi, Tafsir al-Nasafi and others since the word in mentioned in the Quran too. They all say it means 'to the people as a whole (aamah)' and it is from the root 'kaffa' (to desist, to stop) and not from kafaa which has the meaning of 'sufficing.'



    [page 64] This is a mistake in the order of the verses quoted but these things really ought to be checked. Errors can still happen and no one is free from making mistakes but it does seem that this otherwise informative read has suffered from a lack of proofreading.

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