Daily Verse from the Hadai'q e Bakhshish: Hadai'q 1

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    this thread needs reviving!
  2. :s1:

    Hadaiq 1:3

    Faiz hai Ya Shah e Tasneem niraala tera
    Aap pyaason kay tajassus mein hai daryaa tera

    Thy bounty O' Lord of Tasneem* is unique!
    Thy stream seeks out the thirsty itself!

    Commentary: Tasneem is the name of a mighty stream in Paradise. Such is the Prophet's generosity that it actively searches for the thirsty to relieve their thirst. This can be taken metaphorically to mean the sinners and their intercession by the Messenger alayhisalatuwasalam and also literally in that, on Judgement Day, the Prophet will give water to his Ummah! Sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam!
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    Dhaaray chaltay hain 'ataa kay, woh hai qatra tera
    Taaray khiltay hain sakhaa kay woh hai zarra tera

    Rivers of bestowment flow-that is only a drop of thine!
    Stars of generosity do shine, that is but a mote of thine!

    Commentary: The Beloved's generosity is so much that even though he
    is constantly giving out to all and sundry (everything in this
    universe) this outpouring of munificence is still only a tiny drop
    compared to the Prophet's limitless bounty. Everything which we get
    is from Allah's Habib sal Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam. (Hadith: Allah
    is the Giver and I am the Distributor).
  4. Re: Daily Verse from the Hadai'q e Bakhshish: Hadai'q 1:1

    jazak Allah khayran for the idea. :)
    I was saving each couplet per day until I'd completed one naat, then I'd copy and paste them all into a single post. I like the idea of doing each naat in one post though :)
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    Re: Daily Verse from the Hadai'q e Bakhshish: Hadai'q 1:1


    that sounds like a nice plan. inshaallah.

    instead of creating different threads each day for each verse, it would be better if you create one thread with the title of the naat and keep appending to it each day until you are done with it.

    you can then edit your first post and gather the complete naat with translation into it. and then we will have organazed translations of the Hadaiq inshallah.

    was salam,

    abu nibras
  6. I will insha Allah , add a couplet from the Sufi diwan eulogising the Beloved Prophet (upon whom be blessings and peace), of Ala Had.rat Shaykh Imam Ahmad Rida Khan Qadiri Barelwi rahmatullah alayhi, entitled Hada'iq e Bakhshish (Garden of Gifts), every day (or as often as possible) starting with the first poem from the Diwan and going through it systematically in order. I will also add my own transliteration and translation and a short commentary if I feel it necessary.

    So, without further a do let us begin:

    1.1 (Notational note: The first 1 refers to the number of the poem (na'at) and the second the verse number)

    Vah kya jood o karam hai Shah e Ba.t.haa tera
    "Nahin", suntaa hii nahiin, maangnay waala tera!

    Bravo! How great is thy generosity and grace O' Lord of Makka!
    Never does thy mendicant hear 'Never!' from thee!

    Commentary: The Beloved Prophet 'alayhisalatu wa salam never turned anyone away empty-handed. And why would he, when Allah has placed the keys of the Universes' treasures in his hands?

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