Deobandi belief about Iradah

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by Hashim, Feb 10, 2022.

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    Here is the clip
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    It's an audio clip on my phone. The format isn't supported on 'upload a file'
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    Can you share the link?
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    I'm trying to find a way to share the clip here. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this, please let me know.
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    That's what I thought but he appears to justify his wording in the clarification instead of admitting that it's a mistake on his part.

    I'm not sure.
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    I am going to go with safer option and say the speaker had a slip of the tongue. Does he have other videos in creed?
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    Someone's sent me a clarification (below) from this scholar

    The question and answer relate to Sifat alIradah and not Sifat alQudrah.

    Sifat alIradah relates to will, or ikhtiyar, choice. In the explanation I say Allah chooses not to do the impossible. This means Allah's ikhtiyar does not relate to muhal (keep in mind the three types too). Ikhtiyar or rather its verb Ikhtara are found in Quran and Sunna, which means choice.

    Yes, when I discuss Sifat alQudra I mention that muhal a'qlan does not relate to Sifat alQudra.

    I don't understand this explanation. The original question and answer were regarding something that is intrinsically impossible. Choosing not to do the impossible is different from not choosing to do the impossible. This explanation has added more confusion and does not seem to be the position of the Ahl al-Sunnah, in fact this is the sort of thing I wouldn't be surprised to hear from a deobandi regarding the matter.

    Please share your thoughts on this, jazakumullah.
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    Salam brothers

    I came across a clip where someone was asked a question about what is intrinsically impossible for Allah, specifically about if He wanted to, could He create another creator?

    The person answering is apparently a Sunni but gave a weird answer. He said the following:

    The Divine Will of Allah is not associated with impossibilities. Allah does not do the impossible... He chooses not to do the impossible... because the impossible in itself does not exist. There is no existence for the impossible... This is similar to the question "can Allah create a stone so heavy that He cannot pick it up?" This question is flawed because the question is actually "can Allah make Himself weak?" The question is flawed and the Divine Will of Allah and the Divine Power of Allah is not associated with the impossible.

    How is this statement different from what deobandis say? Given the fact that the question is about intrinsically impossible things, the issue of choice doesn't come into them at all.

    Please tell me I'm correct in believing that this isn't the Sunni stance on how Iradah relates to intrinsically impossible things.

    The rest of the answer without the bold text would be the Sunni position but it changes the entire complexion of the answer and everything else in the answer could be dependent on choice according to this person. E.g. saying "there is no existence for the impossible" could be due to the choice that it shouldn't exist, according to him.

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