Deobandi Infiltration?

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    So I ordered a few books from Madani Propagations website.
    There are a couple books written by a "Safaruk Z. Chowdhury"

    As I was reading through them, I came across a few things that raised my eyebrows:

    In the book "Introducing the Fiqh of Prayer," he mentions about the matter of the "validity of Imamah*," that it is "Makruh Tanzeehi" and not "Tahreemi" to pray behind the Mubtadi'. And he uses the hadith: "Pray behind every Pious and Impious" as his proof.
    (In BahareShariat, it is mentioned that this is Makruh Tahreemi).

    In the same book, even though at times he references classic works such as those of Ibn Abidin, or Ala Hazrat (he even refers to Imam Ahmad Ridha as Ala Hazrat) and his Fawata Ridhawiyya, he also references Taqi Usmani, Ashraf Thanwi, Ebrahim Desai, and Ibn Adam Kawthari and their works. He also has references to Sunnipath and Faraz Rabbani.

    As I continued flipping through the pages, I came across a section on "kissing the thumbs and rubbing one's eyes" and here is the page:

    Fiqh of Prayer page 200.jpeg

    Even though he references Ibn Abidin everywhere else, in this matter he doesnt reference him for this specific matter. And instead mentions that "its an established practice in certain places" and then references Ala Hazrat.

    To me this looks like he is saying "yeah, some people do it and its established in some places. You barelwis can do it if you want, your Ala Hazrat supports it" rather than saying "this is an established practice that even Ibn Abidin mentions as Mustahab and Ala Hazrat also has a book on it"
    It seems like hes trying to appease both sides, and would rather support the Barelwi belief with "their own" scholar rather than a classical Scholar that precedes the division and is accepted by everybody.
    Because doing so would bring down the deobandi scholars which he is not willing to do.

    (maybe because he himself is a deobandi pretending to be open-minded and trying to infiltrate Sunni Awaam and deceive them into accepting deobandi ulema as valid).

    So the tactic is:
    1. Use references from classic scholars (to show legitimacy)
    2. Mention Ala Hazrat (to get sunnis excited)
    3. Mention references to deobandis works (to show them as valid)
    4. Make praying behind deobandis okay (in case one has a doubt)

    Allahu Alam, but this is what I am seeing.

    *This is the image of the page where its mentioned about Mubtadi' as Imam being Makruh Tanzeehi and not Tahrimi:

    Fiqh of Prayer page 118.jpeg
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