devbandi book "Maslake Ala Hazrat"

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    now list the number of books by devbandi elders:
    gangohi, nanotvi, ambhetvi, thanawi and mahmud al hasan which refute rawafid. that which i have seen:
    ajwibah arbayin by nanotvi
    hadiyyatu'sh shiah by gangohi
    many others by later maulvis.

    alahazrat wrote 16 books refuting rawafid, not counting the fatawa and ifadaat in his fataawa. of which at least 9 are published and available.

    still the shameless qawm accuses alahazrat of being a closet shiah.
    قُلۡ هَاتُوا۟ بُرۡهَـٰنَكُمۡ إِن كُنتُمۡ صَـٰدِقِینَ

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    @abu Hasan in one of your threads, maybe the Imam Barzanji one, you said something alone the lines of 'name scholars at the time of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan which didn't attest to Hussam Al-Haramayn', I have read from a Deobandi who claimed that the Ulema of Lucknow at the time of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan did not attest to Hussam. He said maybe 1 or 2 did but the major scholars of Lucknow didn't. Can you shed light on this?
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    For example,

    Would be better placed under

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    One minor point I wanted to make was to try to avoid 'double-replying' to a tweet in a thread as it breaks the thread, and massively impacts visibility of the additional tweets.
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    thanks brother. jazakAllah khayran
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    sajid muftari's screed: 'maslak e alahazrat' is full of fantasies only devbandis can appreciate and extol because anyone with an iota of fairness will not accept this. but these so-called "religious scholars" and "taqwa parhez" maulvis will happily indulge in slander.

    to give you a quick appraisal of the kazzab muftari's screed (i.e. sajid devbandi - may Allah ta'ala disgrace him) خذله الله take a look at this. he claims that alahazrat was 24/7 looking for a master in jafar instead of being present at the rawDah


    sajid kazzab says: "instead of wishing to be present at the lightsome tomb (rawdah) and present salawat and salam as much as possible, and trying to do so, EVERY MOMENT he was focused on and was assiduous (and eager) to find someone who was a master of jafar in this pure city.."

    to prove his slander, he quotes alahazrat: "in the 3 months i stayed - i thought that this noble city is a locus and sanctuary for the world; it is possible that someone from west africa, an expert in jafar can be be found and we could attain expertise in this skill"

    now devbandis - east and west - and the kazzab sajid (may Allah give him just recompense for his slander) can please show which portion of alahazrat's statement says: "EVERY MOMENT" or even if you read in context - it says "i did not wish to stay at rawdah or do salam.."

    where did he say: "every moment i only wished to meet a jafar scholar". if you have shame, delete this book of lies or apologise. if you do not have shame (which you don't obviously) - do what you wish. فَنَجۡعَل لَّعۡنَتَ ٱللَّهِ عَلَى ٱلۡكَـٰذِبِینَ

    alahazrat said: "in these 3 months, i spared a thought about this" devbandi liars transform it to: "24/7 i was only thinking about it." --- sharm tumko magar nahin aati


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    this sajid is a moron and also a ignoramus. the imbecile doesn't know a basic thing such as that "al-kaafi" is the Divine Name of Allah. وَلَيسَ يَصِحُّ في الأَفهامِ شَيءٌ إِذا اِحتاجَ النَهارُ إِلى دَليلِ nothing can be proven to such minds which require evidence that it is day

    i hope the devbandis don't take up my challenge that they will acknowledge and apologise if refuted - because, that will waste a lot of my time on refuting idiocy and ignorance. [devbandis are like israelis - lie, lie & lie. and the filth in their backyard, they try to pin on us]

    al-kaafi is a Divine Name: The Sufficer. "is not Allah enough to suffice His slave?" see al-asna of qurtubi: p.143 the name Al-Kafi

    this is basic for any muslim, but devbandis are impossible. the prayer by alahazrat: "Allah (al-Kafi) suffices us in both worlds; and may Allah send blessings and greetings of peace upon the master of both worlds; and his progeny; and companions; and the helper of both groups" GLNul4QW0AA_6-e.png

    the above prayer is distorted by sajid kazzab who says: 'what is the kaafi?' this "kaafi is the book of shiah - usul al-kaafi" and khan sahib (i.e. iARK) takes this for this belief sufficient. --- i will have husn-zann: sajid was ignorant that Al-Kafi was a Divine Name.

    sub'HanAllah! it is this piece of garbage that we are supposed to 'refute'. who uses the word in this manner? who says: "the book kafi is sufficient for me?" in a prayer? and that too ONLY the shia book.

    perhaps sajid has ilm ghayb - given the certainty with which he writes. but the next objection upon "sahbihi" used by alahazrat, is imbecility of the hagari proportions! according to this moron sajid, the author of the screed "maslak alahazrat" it is singular.

    sajid writes: [see 3rd highlight] 1/3 it must be also be clarified that in the arabic language, the word: "sahbihi" is used for a colleague, companion, friend; THE PLURAL OF WHICH IS "as'Hab". ahlussunnah wa'l jamah - who send salat & salam on RasulAllah ﷺ - when they include when they include his progeny, they usually include all the companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) and they do so by using the words: "and upon his progeny and all of his companions" saying these words include all the cmpanions. but, because the shia believe that except 2-4 (i.e. few) noble companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) all others were kafir, thereofre ahmad rida khan expressing his shia belief, he omitted the plural and used: "sahbihi"; writing this shows quite a lot.

    the problem with stupidity is, it cannot be cured. anyone with basic familiarity with arabic books knows that the idiot's claim "sahb" is singular and using it indicates "shiyi" belief is similar to israeli accusations. implausible and deranged.

    i feel pity for devbandis at times. poor fellows, frogs of a stinky pond - they are not even familiar with well known books and phrases - but their ambition to jump over a mountain is admirable. so according to this moron, jawharatu't tawhid is a book of shia aqidah.

    so imam ibrahim laqani was pushing his shiah aqidah. this is the garbage that we have to refute. inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun. we will examine some more and i had long ago explained this, so an arabic lesson for the jahil devbandis. in sha'Allah.

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    someone save my tweets and post it here for future reference.
    am tweeting directly on the app - so i don't have it anywhere else.
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    Author of the book has a 90 minute defence of MIAW

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    Abu Hasan openly challenges the Deobandis on the contents of this book
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    zameel seems to be unchained right after Ramadan, selling the english translation of this book by some sajid khan naqshbandiḥmad-riḍa-khan-barelwi-unmasking-the-shii-fitnah-concealed-under-the-cloak-of-sunnah/

    so the english translation (by a different translator) has 200 pages -

    while the urdu original of the author (sajid khan) has just 56 pages, give or take{{default.session}}

    i just found out now and just started to read the urdu original, and it seems to be a quickly jotted down rant with standard devbandi lies, misrepresentations, apologia and crying wolf - that they're marketing as an "academic" tahqeeq/research!

    this is a copy-paste of OUR ALLEGATION on THEM!

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