Devbandis being hosted by Islamic Help

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Ghulam, Mar 19, 2014.

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  1. Ghulam

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  2. abu Hasan

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    maiN door gard e arz e rusum e niaz huN
    dushman samajh, waley nigah e aashna na maaNg
  3. Aqdas

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    Any updates ghulam?
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  4. abu Hasan

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    please do not post personal email addresses of anyone without their consent.
  5. Ghulam

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    I have sent an e mail to Sidi Niaz


    Salam Sidi Niaz,

    Please see attached poster of the event organised by Islamic Help which you are a trustee of. Can you please explain why you are inviting Deobandis to speak at the event?

    Can you also let me know how the proceeds of the sale of Brierfield Mills has been spent or is the charity still holding the monies?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

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  6. Ghulam

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    It is not about getting one event cancelled. The problem is deeper.

    Niaz has employed his Dev/Mardud in laws at Islamic Help and some are also Directors of projects at Companies House that Fiaz collected for sat on the Minbar. Others are his yardie friends he brings over from the Punjab and employs them at the trust. The guy has even gone to the extent of appointing a Sikh trustee of a Masjid. This is all happening whilst Sunnis are sleeping in Birmingham.

    Where has this £1.5 million gone? You will get them begging every Friday at the trust. The money to purchase Brierfield Mills was collected by Fiaz on the pulpit again.

    It is time for Mufti Yaar and others like Gul Rehman to speak up against these people
  7. Aqdas

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    I remember I rang zafarullah shah about hosting keller and he spun me a line and I'm sure he'll do the same if I try again.

    They're devbandi lovers and sunnis should raise the issue. Maybe someone like Mawlana ijaz shami can clarify.
  8. Ghulam

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    What is going off here first a Sikh Trustee now devbandis being hosted by them to talk about love

    Looks like the Sunnis of brum will never learn and keep on funding these people. We still do not know what happened to the money for Brierfield Mills which was collected for a Madrassa! Where has Sunni money gone collected from poor Sunnis???

    Yaar e Millat Mufti Yaar needs to speak up now as he is Ameer and shouldn't shy away

    Zafar e Millat Pir Syed Zafarullah also needs to speak up

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