Did the Prophet alayhisalatuwasalam see Allah?

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    will all believers not see Him subHanhu wata'ala in jannah?
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    I believe, and was always taught to believe, that during the Night of Mi'raj,
    our Beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم went beyond Sidratul Muntaha and into La-Makaan and saw Allah Ta'ala with his eyes without us knowing how [i.e. 'bila kayf'] and his blessed eyes 'did not waver'. I always thought that this was the accepted opinion of the majority of the Ahlus Sunnah including most of the Sahaba. Evidence is from the famous hadith of Ibn Abbas :ra: and also from Sura Najm and its' tafsirs.


    (there is always a but)

    some Sunni scholars I've heard have said it is 'kufr' to believe Allah was seen by the Prophet since He is immaterial and not confined by space, direction etc. Although we also believe this latter statement I thought the 'bila kayf' part of our belief made it clear we do not ascribe to any anthropomorphic ideas of Allah.

    The evidence against us, eg the hadith of Sayyida Aisha in Bukhari has been explained by many of Ahlus Sunnah scholars so that the possibility of
    Huzoor's seeing of Allah is still valid.

    Any comments?

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