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  3. ومعلوم أن هذه الآلات المطربة بجميع انواعها ليست حرمتها من حيث ذاتها وصورتها المخصوصة ولا من حيث ما يصدر عنها من الأصوات المطربة وإلا لكان كل صوت مطرب حرام، وهو باطل. . . وإذا خرجت عن اللهو كانت مباحة من غير شبهة

    that is, if your condemnation of Habib is based on 'string music' (as wadood says) or 'type of music'. Imam 'Abd al-Ghani says "bi jami'i anwa'iha", and elsewhere "jami' al-aalaat al-mutribah".

    as for the woman pointed out by Wadood, that was on a VIP seat (if i'm not mistaken -- i only just glanced at the video at that particular time [6:53] , and i havn't watched the videos], how do you know that the man sitting next to her was not her mahram, especially if it was organized prior to the event?

    secondly, how is it Habib 'Ali's fault if people use family seating areas for free mixing? how do you Habib 'Ali even organized it?

    you are free to disagree with the event, the way it was organized etc, but why make this personal against Habib 'Ali?
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    Yes, and these modern events are definitely NOT sama' but something else.
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  6. By 'disagreeing', I meant I follow the Jumhur. Imam 'Abd al-Ghani, in the intro admits the majority of later people make taqlid of the early ones in prohibition of samaa' with aalaat. I follow the mu'tamad of my madh-hab.

    I'll read it propperly, in sha' Allah. Does any one know if the Dar al-Fikr edition is available to buy online?
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    You are not in a position of disagreeing or agreeing but following.

    If you believe Shaykh AbdulGhani's fatwa applies to the above style of pop-nasheeds and women in the audience then please cite those relevant passages.

    This you should be able to do if you "disagree" with Allama AbdulGhani rahimamahuAllah.
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    Looking away from particular names and individuals, Imam AbdulGhani Nablusi's fatwa is not applicable to the above style of music any more it is to the following style:


    The fatwa of the Shaykh is for the valid sama', not for pop-style gatherings with women and non-ahl. The same for all the verdicts relating to sama'.

    So please do not quote the fatwa out of context.
  9. BismiLlah. . .

    No doubt, 'Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi, a link in one of al-Imam Ahmad Rida's Hanafi Fiqh chains, has thrown Hanafi fiqh in the bin or whatever you said, too. [Sarcasm]

    For the record, I do not agree with the position of Shaykh al-'Arif 'Abd al-Ghani radhiy Allah 'anh on music, (something I talked about, ironically, on DeenPort), though there is clearly legtimate difference of opinion (albeit an extremely minority one). Habib 'Ali took this opinion when dealing with this conference, which -- although you don't have to agree with -- should be treated with a degree of respect, i.e. not insulting figures.

    Nearly every Ba 'Alawi sayyid today loves Habib 'Umar and Habib Abu Bakr -- who coorporate whenever they get together -- with the possible exceptions of the Zaydi/Imami/Wahabi sympathizers. I'll wait till you prove otherwise. I remember that you recently posted some madaa'ih from Oman, probably thinking that the Haba'ib there had little/no relation with the "tranquility team" as you insultingly call them. Little do you know, Habib 'Umar was treated with extreme respect when he recently visitted, and this was to be expected given upon returning from the Hijaz he concentrated on Oman, following in the footsteps of his ancestor, Imam Muhammad Sahib Mirbat radhiy Allah 'anh.

    I hope this clarifies for all sunnis.

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    Check out who is on the Board of Trustees of this event, which has taken place every year. It is none other than

    al Habib 'Ali

    He has been promoting the success of this event since its inception. If you think I am lying, then check out this mahabba.tv webpage for the Board of Trustees


    It is through Habib 'Ali that I came to know about this event. I posted this event a couple of years ago here on Sunniport. Check the archives.
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    I am not lying. At 6:53 you can clearly see a woman sitting with a man clapping. There is a man sitting right in front of her, and there are young men sitting right behind her, and there is a man sitting across from her on the right side. Is that true?

    And if you move your eyes, you will see women at the back sitting with men sitting in front of them. Woman are in open sight of men in this 'religious'event. Or is this not such an event. Habib 'Ali said this is the passion for the love of HabibAllah SalAllahu 'alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam.

    Habib 'Ali ENDORSED AND SUPPORTED AND PROMOTED this gathering for YEARS.

    Just because I have criticized Habib 'Ali and Habib 'Umar tranquility team, does not mean I am targeting the Habaib of Yemen. These two men do not constitute the Habaib of Yemen. The Habaib of Yemen are a massive tribe. I hope this clarifies all Sunnis.
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    Modern Arabs have become helpless in the cause of alQuds, and from preventing the destruction of relics and historical sites in the two holy sanctuaries Makkah and Madinah. KFC, McDonalds, Primark being opened right outside Masjid Haram and Masjid Nabawi!!

    They are weak in the face of secular forces as well as Wahabis and Rawafid.

    These disco style nasheeds have tarnished Ahl alSunna.
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    No. Brother Wadood they are not seated together, stop lying.

    Just because Shaykh Habib Ali is amongst the audience or maybe a special guest doesn't mean he promotes such nonsense.

    From your recent and past posts I have personally observed that you are constantly trying to target the Habaib of Yemen.
  14. Wadood

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    The brotherhood rapping at the tune of the devil at 'mahabba' awards


    Sunnis should openly, strongly protest and call for a boycott of these Haraam gatherings. They are against the Sunnah of our Habeeb SalAllahu 'alayhi wa alihi wa sallam.

    Music is Haraam. You cannot make it Halal in Shari'ah. Full Stop.
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  16. Wadood

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    The Shafi'i madhab, and the other three blessed madhahib as well, are very strict when it comes to Haraam. String Instruments and wind instruments are Haraam in the Shafi'i madhab. Look at this 'mahabba' gathering, co-chaired by Habib 'Ali, with ayhab tawfiq singing. Watch ar 2:50


    Is this Halal music? astaghfirulAllah. Do you see women in the crowd clapping with ayhab tawfiq? Habib 'Ali said that this is the passion for the love of our Habeeb SalAllahu 'alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam. Is disco music included in that? At 6:53 you can clearly see women mixed with men in the crowd.

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