Disgusting - YaNafi does it again.

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by snaqshi, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. snaqshi

    snaqshi Active Member

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    Didn't His Eminence Ala Haret alayhi rehma say something on the lines of, "jab deen jata hai hamaakat aa jati hai". I think that would be rather befitting such comments!!!
  2. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

  3. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    If you look at a disbeliever with DISGUST, you will experience the sweetness of faith. (from Ghaus us-saqalain Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jeelani - Rahmatu-Allahe alayhe)
  4. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

  5. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    please forgive me for quoting the entire post, but this post by Shaykh Abu Hasan hafiduhuAllah is so deep, and so deep, i am ruined and in utter shame. i am destroyed. SubHanAllah, it teaches the meaning of idolatory, and what idols do really represent, and why RasulAllah salAllaho alaihi wa alihi wa sallam broke them in Makkah Mukarramah. I would print this post out, and memorize it and save my Imaan till the day
  6. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    whoa! jazakallah brother KS, i have experienced this many times and felt there was something to it, and i see that the noble imam has testified to it.

    sit in a pious scholar's company at night and go to college the next morning, the difference in the state of the heart is more than noticeable.
    try keeping your gaze lowered or generally averted from theirs and the effect is markedly diminished.

    that's why, i don't stay at college a second more than i have to and never-ever socialize except to exchange notes

    may i add, this is true for looking at the ahlul -bida' too
  7. TiI
    I criticised one quote of alahazrat. How does my going to see a film disqualify me from that? Can't a person even if he is a saint-- and I think aka hazrat is--
    question something which goes against what he believes is right just because he is a sinner. It doesn't mean I don't respect ala hazrat!
  8. I find it incredible how AQ can openly call me a kafir
    And yet the mods/admin have no problem with it but my last few replies on this thread have been deleted.

    This psycho needs to get a life. I swear if I ever saw him in real life
    I'd smash his face in if I could be bothered.

    You don't know me! You just know the posts I make on forums. But it's okay you can spew your venom all day. Allah and His Habib know what's in my heart and I don't care about the rest.

    Apart from calling people kafirs can't you do anything useful. I only am replying to this post because I can't believe the admins would let someone spew so much hate against one person.

    To TII,

    In a discussion about films and actresses isn't it normal for a normal male to say he finds a particular actress attractive?

    Btw no one on this thread has yet been able to explain why it's right to feel disgust if a non Muslim touches you on the belly and asks does it hurt here because it isn't the persons but their incorrect beliefs we are supposed to dislike.

    As for the word 'idolise' it doesn't mean literally and was used to mean greatly admire.

    Anyway this probably will be deleted.
    Why not ban me if you're not going to allow me to reply to vicious personal attacks?
  9. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

    'Looking at a disbeliever decreases ones Eiman' (Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal quddisa sirruhu)
  10. Taalib-e-Ilm

    Taalib-e-Ilm Well-Known Member

  11. Taalib-e-Ilm

    Taalib-e-Ilm Well-Known Member

    is SunniSkepticn, NJ? if so, how can he have the courage to criticize alaHazrat when he's the one going cinema with a "female friend", watching movies where women don't cover themselves, even the YN people were shocked by his fondness for movies about lesbians.

    if it is NJ, then he needs to take a step back and seriously take a look at himself
  12. Taalib-e-Ilm

    Taalib-e-Ilm Well-Known Member

    sunniskeptic on yanafi.com.

    is this forum still an islamic forum or is it for freethinkers only now?

    im just waiting for SS to justify how wanting to live with kirsten stewart is completely normal
  13. The Emir

    The Emir Well-Known Member

    That forum is openly Shia now. It allows shias to post their speeches/literature and hate; and then you get moderators who justify what has been written by these shias.
  14. medni

    medni Active Member

    mashaAllah kia andaaze guftagu hay
    bohat suthree zubaan paayee aap nay

    is it befitting a muslim to speak to his fellow muslim with vulgar language like this.
  15. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    us qawm meiN hai shokhiy e andeshah khaTarnak
    jis qawm ke afraad hoN har band sey aazaad

    go fikr e khudadaad sey roshan hai zamana

    aazaadi e afkaar hai iblis ki eejaad

    wanton thinking is dangerous in that community
    in which individuals are free from all bonds

    though the world is enlightened because of thinking,
    free-thinking is the invention of the devil
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  16. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    the problem with idolatry is that it is the fancy of one's own desire. it is anais nin one day and shaykh muHiyuddin on another; shah fazlu'l haq on one day and noor inayat or mata hari the other day. respectable people may feel disgusted at even mentioning pure names in the same sentence as debauched ones; but they co-exist in some people's pantheon.

    their god is their own nafs; and it is this own nafs they worship; and listen and obey. if the nafs commands to follow the culture of west and admires their libertarian attitudes, the idol becomes the white man from the west and this person willingly becomes a slave, licking his boots and panting at his side. if the nafs commands to go carnal, sex becomes the idol and homosexuality or free-sex becomes permissible in his religion. of course, from time to time, the nafs takes fancy to Islamic attitudes, and when that is the case - islamic personalities become idols.* when the nafs is awed by scientific progress, science becomes the new idol and the person speaks with deference to this idol. when so many of these idols weigh in upon him, he even wonders whether there is god. sub'HanAllah, it is the burden of idols that is breaking his back, but his nafs questions: 'what is the point of organised religion?'

    the miskin spends his entire life worshipping one idol or the other; and as all polytheists do, he is angered when someone talks ill of his idols (du jour, that is) and cannot face the truth that none of these are true gods. naturally, if islam commands him to break those idols -precious to his nafs - he sees them as oppression. indeed, when a muslim asks him to throw away the gilded idol, even if it is beautiful looking, the idol-worshipper looks disbelievingly at the muslim: "are you out of your mind? do you want me to throw away this beautiful, ornate and precious idol? you are backward, you are narrow minded, your islam is restricted and it cannot tolerate a beautiful idol. my islam however is inclusive, after all why should the Creator be angered with just a small idol? besides, it is a cute idol."

    but shikan uTh gaye baaqi jo rahe butgar haiN

    how will such an idol worshipper know the meaning of "love for the sake of Allah, and hate for the sake of Allah"? he will obviously fail to understand the revulsion a muwaHHid feels when he sees idols.

    do you not see those who take their own desires as their god?

    we are muslims and we do not idolise. we are iconoclasts. yes, we follow and respect great men who teach us how to break all idols, worship and obey only the One Lord; and they teach:

    sadqa apne baazu'oN ka al-madad!
    kayse toDeN ye but e pindaar hum

    maiN nisaar aysaa musalmaaN kijiye
    toD DaaleN nafs kaa zunnaar hum

    * though it does not harm those esteemed personalities in any way. sayyiduna yisa alayhis salam is worshipped by christians, but it does not diminish his rank; nor are the awliya like sayyidah maryam and others - if foolish people make their idols and worship them.
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  17. TiI,
    What atrocity did that Pandit commit by touching Ala Hazrat in a gesture of humanity to see 'does it hurt here'?

    If Ala Hazrat had been commenting on an atrocity committed by Hindus of course he'd have the right to criticise them but in that quote there was nothing to do with atrocity but just hate them for being Hindus!

    Ghulam you twat how has the Hindus murdering people in Kashmir got anything to do with a quote from Malfuzat Sharif of Ala Hazrat?!
  18. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    nj you idiot the hindus are murdering and burning our Muslim brothers and sisters in Kashmir on a daily basis.
  19. Taalib-e-Ilm

    Taalib-e-Ilm Well-Known Member

    that is what you posted a while ago on this forum. Does alaHazrat not have a right to show his anger towards hindus for the atrocities they commited just like you did?

    What's so shocking about alaHazrat not wanting a Hindu pundit [who probably drinks cow urine] to touch him?
  20. I still idolise him but that quote was very shocking for me as it was not what I expected. I'm in a state of shock.

    The other posts are no different to my posts on here just I can be more open on there as it is a more open forum whereas here it is more strict.
    I never hide my thoughts so you shouldn't be shocked.

    Sorry to disappoint you.

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