Dua of Yunus Alayhi Assalam

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  1. AbdalQadir

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    the anger/wrath is at people. please see explanations in tafsirs and also books of Ash3ari aqidah for this specific verse.

    it is kufr to express "anger/wrath" towards Allah (ma3adh Allah). it is an additional kufr to believe that a nabi did this kufr of expressing "anger/wrath" towards Allah.

    furthermore, Yunus 3alaihis salam dua in the very next part of the verse proves by itself that the "anger/wrath" is at people, because he prays to Allah saying 'there is no God except You, glorified are You, i'm from the transgressors' - this does not in any way show that he is showing "anger/wrath" to his Lord (ma3adh Allah) to any sane person, but rather shows that he is pleading to Allah as a perfect slave of Allah.

    as for his usage of "zaalimeen" (transgressors/wrong doers) - that is a Prophet of Allah praying to Allah in utter humility and in awe of his Lord. the second phrase of this dua is a very noble expression of seeking istighfar.

    This is a known aqidah that anbiya are ma3soom. a common person who uses this or similar ayahs or ahadith of prophets (including our Prophet 3alaihis salam) doing istighfar, to try and prove "zulm" for prophets or to grant himself a license to use the word "zaalim" or "sinner" for prophets, is a blasphemer and kafir.

    This dua us indeed very beneficial and many ulema have said it contains Isme A3azam.

    a lot of translations of this verse don't do justice to it even if they don't consciously preach falsehood or wrong meanings. however, after seeing the above, I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard for you to assemble a sentence in english, as a translation of the verse.
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    What is the correct understanding and translation of the verse 87 in Surah 21


    most translations I found online translate this as “he went away in anger/wrath”.... and “...I have been a wrong-doer/evil”

    A lot of people say this dua is very beneficial.

    Since Dhun-Nun Alayhi Assalam was a Prophet, I was just wondering if there was a better way to translate and understand this.

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