English Translation of Quran by Aqib Qadri

Discussion in 'Tafsir' started by abu hamzah, Feb 19, 2021.

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    jazakAllah khair. i needed this
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    kanz al-iman means treasure of faith.

    alahazrat's translation of the qur'an in Urdu is in no need of introduction.

    there have been a few english translations in the past which claim to be translations of "kanz al-iman". unfortunately, those english translations have committed blunders that are diligently avoided in the original urdu, and which is the hallmark of alahazrat's "kanz." the need for a proper english translation for english speaking sunnis has been felt for a long time now.

    janab aqib qadri sahib completed an english translation based on kanz al-iman, in 2000, but it was not available in printed book form.

    until now.

    it is now printed in pakistan and the paper, print quality and binding are quite impressive.

    janab aqib sahib handed me a copy recently, and i had the opportunity to browse. as is custom, i also looked at certain key verses which are usually mistranslated - but the translator has taken sufficient care to get them right, and closely follows alahazrat's translation. the language is simple, and this is by design, to make it accessible for people whom english is a second language and who may not appreciate or benefit from academic english. in fact, this is clearly emblazoned on the cover: "a translation of the holy Qur'an in simple idiomatic english".

    overall, it is a good translation and easy to understand. there are places where it could be improved; but no book is perfect, except the book of Allah ta'ala. a narration of imam muzani, the student of imam shafiyi and the champion of his madh'hab, is one of the oft-mentioned quotes in this regard.

    imam muzani is reported to have said: "i have read the book "risalah" with imam shafiyi eighty times; and every time, he would find an error; and [finally,] shafiyi said: 'leave it. Allah ta'ala has disallowed any book, other than His own, to be perfect and immune from error." [Cf. radd al-muhtar]

    may Allah ta'ala reward the translator and give benefit from this blessed translation to all who read it.

    aameen bi jah an-nabiy al-ameen. `alayhi wa `ala aalihi afDal al-Salat wa't taslim.

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