Euphrates Drying

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by Wadood, Mar 26, 2011.

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    This is in Anbar, Iraq, on the Syrian/Iraqi border area. In ancient times there were great cities here. Even in Islamic Times, this area, the lower half of the Islamic Jazira Province, with capital at Raqqa [Present day Syria] was highly prized during the Umayyad and Early Abbasid periods.
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    Brothers ask yourself the question: Does anyone know anything about the Euphrates river beginning south of Baghdad, and then going up to Halab in Syria?

    This is the land between Syria and Iraq. On this more than half of Euphrates is located. When they show Syria on the TV they show the western parts of it. When they show Iraq, they show the south/Baghdad areas.

    No ones really interested in the land between Syria and Iraq. That desolate place. It was a hidden land. Its now that the river's drying up that people are beginning to get an interest in it.
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    The Euphrates drying up. Treasures appearing in Anbar/Deir az Zor.

    Anbar is the least of the escavated provinces of Iraq. Its a highly tribal province with a good population of almost entirely Sunni Muslims today. Similarly for Deir az Zor in Syria.

    South Iraq, Karbala onwards to BaSra, has been excavated to a much larger degree. The mountain of Gold that will appear will most likely be in Anbar/Syria/Turkey.

    Just look, they are discovering all these "unkown treasures" , Gobekli Tepe, and now these in Anbar

    And ancient Mesopotamia was in this region. Babylonia was more on Tigris.
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    We must first of all find out what exactly is happening to the blue Euphrates.

    The pictures depicted in this story are from southern Iraq, Karbala onwards down to Nasariyah and BaSrah. This is the heavily irrigated lower Euphrates alluvial plane, kind of like the delta region of this river. This is here that it is drying up. Causes? Massive waste irrigation and stealing of water. Also, a lot of the water is diverted by the Sunnis upriver in heavily irrigated Anbar and Babil.

    BUT, the river itself is also narrowing upriver. The biggest tributary in the middle from the al-Hasakah region in Syria is mostly dried up. 3 million people in Syria around al Hasakah and Deir al Zor have been displaced. 1 million are now encamped outside the major cities of western syria. The syrian government does not let the real news and extent of the catostrophe to be let out.

    Even the parts that originate near halab have gone down. They say its Turkey's dam building. Turkey says its mostly due to lack of rain in upper Mesopotamia, the same region as the Golbekin Tepe [ancient civilization], Sanliurfa/Mardin region.

    Conclusion: the Euphrates is drying up EVERYWHERE. Worst is in southern Iraq, and second worst in Syria/Iraq border region [ near to half of its length]. And its accelerating.
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