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  1. And I stay at a place which is like a 4-hour journey from Jamshedpur ie., Bokaro. This too is a steel city and the steel plant there had been built by Soviets if I am not wrong.
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    2011 Indian Census website. convenient and well organized. Great way to grasp lots of information in today's India.

    Under provincial totals category, a summary of all the states and territories of India is given


    Specifically for the state of Bihar, which is about 9 1/2 Lebanons, the populations is 104 million, while if Lebanon would be that big, there would be 47.5 million lebanese (considering 5 million lebanese including all recent immigrant groups of lebanese granted citizenship, but not including those in diaspora), or Bihar is more than twice the density of lebanon. Bihar is also rich alluvial, with plenty of river basins, rainfall. So, it is not really an impossibility that this great state of India, and its people, cannot develop into a state of high standards. And if Bihar is such a possibility, then any place in India is. Bihar was divided into two states, Bihar proper (northern part), and southern hillier, jharkhand, with the famous city of Jamshedpur, home to TATA, world renowned industries.

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