fake encounters in kashmir

Discussion in 'Links' started by sherkhan, Jan 1, 2021.

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    Now Assam government following "due process of law" to demolish madrasahs one at a time.


    As if terror accusations were not enough, the latest excuse is that the buildings are "structurally vulnerable and unsafe for human habitation", incapable of withstanding earthquake or dealing with fire emergency.

    The order, issued by the office of the Bongaigaon deputy commissioner, claimed that there are insufficient provisions at the Markazul Ma-Arif Quariana Madrassa to deal with a fire or an earthquake. The campus of the institution lacks adequate open space that can be used in the event of a disaster.

    Does this low-rise building look like structurally unsound? Does it lack open space? I can see a courtyard in the front and a large open field behind the building.

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    I wanted to post this for a while. But this is understandable development.

    Mark my words, this project/experiment will now be rolled in all other BJP states (just as anti-cow bill, love jihad law etc. were first enacted/tested in one state, and other states followed within a space of months).

    If you read closely, all state-funded madrasahs will be converted to state schools (i.e. with Islamic curriculum removed). So there is no ban of privately run and funded madrasahs.

    Two decades ago, all/most madrasahs in India were granted state funds, with state syllabus/curriculum running side-by-side the Islamic curriculum; so the students could graduate with a state recognised matriculation certificate and be mainstreamed later. That crutch has now been snatched away in Assam.

    What's the solution? Ditch state fund, and take the madrasahs private (i.e. stop using state fund). It might not be straight-forward though, if state claims that all the school infrastructure belong to it.
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    oops i forgot w.bengal.
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    all it needs is maharashtra to declare independence.

    the southern states will follow suit.

    next punjab.

    then the eastern 7 sisters.


    all that remain are backward states of the cowbelt, which will disintegrate one by one.

    the so-called BIMARU states - BIhar MAdhyapradesh Rajasthan Uttarpradesh (these includes uttarkhand, jharkhand and chattisgarh)

    soldiers in kashmir will leave for their respective states (and if pakistan steps in by then, kashmir will be free).

    the end of the dream of akhand bharat.

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