Fatawa Razawiyyah - Arabic Translation

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    I would like to share the following anecdote I heard yesterday from Mufti Aqib sahib:

    Last year mufti sahib was in dubai around the time of sha'ban and had the honor of spending sometime in the company of Sayyidi Taj al-shariáh, who, incidentally, was in dubai too. Mufti sahib says that hazrat's aide Mawlana Áshiq would read a line from FR and hazrat would translate it extempore within no time. It was amazing to look at: a voice in urdu followed by a voice in arabic, as if two people were conversing in the same language! At one point mawlana áshiq read a line and hazrat asked him to rectify what he had read. Mawlana re-read it but hazrat was not convinced and told him that he was reading incorrectly. Mawlana was perplexed and brought out his laptop for a quick cross-check and realized that he was indeed reading erroneously because the printed text was obscure in a few places.


    Another anecdote that a friend shared with me. This friend was paying hazrat a visit at his residence in bareilly shareef and had been given special permission to stay in hazrat's room as long as he wished. He narrates:

    Due to weakened eyesight hazrat was having mawlana áshiq read some text from a book. At one point he interrupted mawlana and said, "nukta chhoota hai". Mawlana replied, "hazrat, yahan to aisa hi likha hai jaisa mai padhh raha hun". Hazrat repeated himself, "kaha na nukta chhoota hai". Mawlana said that the book had been published from Beirut but hazrat bid him, "ghalti hai. jao lughat me dekho". And it transpired that there indeed was a misprint. It so happened that hazrat had to interrupt mawlana several times and remarked in exasperation, "kaisa chhapa hai. Chaupat kar diya hai. Jao dusra nuskha lao". But mawlana excused himself saying that this was the only one available and so hazrat continued with it, correcting mawlana as they went.

    Hazrat continues to amaze us with his mastery over fiqh and arabic and his photographic memory even in this ripe age.

    May Allah taála prolong his stay with us and grant us from his blessings.
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    Yes! It is being done! Sayyidi Taj Shar'iah has also completed about two volumes I think and Mawlana Mehrban from Pakistan is working very hard on this project. Mawlana is a student of Sayyid Shah Turabul Haq and has spent 8 years studying in Damascus. He has completed 2.5 volumes thus far. So, much work has been done. Al Hamdulillah.
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    i heard that it is being translated into arabic in paskistan, just found this on scribd. i don't know if it is their work!

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