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  1. Aqdas

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    National spouse day.

    Feminism is like a cognitive dissonance. Women think they want to control husbands but the more they control and the more simp he is, the more she hates him. It's a real paradox.

    Muslim feminists need to sit down and realise: he'll love you more when you're dutiful.
  2. Aqdas

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    The latest studies show:

    The more equality women have with men, the less happy and satisfied they feel compared to men. In contrast, in societies where men are qawwām, women are happier despite having less equality with them.

    Muslim women need to realise and fast, they'll be happier in their natural and traditional role of being good wives and good mothers.

    They need to recognise the fad of modernist types, even hijabis, who glamourise Muslim feminism, girl power, boss babes or whatever you want to call them.

    The use of anti-depressants has never been higher for women.

    Sisters, Allah ta'ala created you. He knows what's best for you. It is Islam and shariah. It is hijab, dutifulness to your husband, motherhood, housewifery and overall submission to Allah ta'ala.

    You'll be much more fulfilled and content than any woman who ignores the manual of the Creator.

    Afterall, the West is scientific and empirical, right? Well, the science and data says the above!
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    A lot of women want the perfect husband without even trying to be a proper wife.

    Feminism has become subconsciously ubiquitous, except those whom Allah ta'ala Wills.

    What Muslim women have to consciously realise is, the laws of Allah are superior to anything man made, like feminism.

    Allah has made women in a way that their inner happiness will only be achieved when they are dutiful to husbands. Feminism pushes girl power but the results are before us: depression is at its zenith.

    Female unhappiness is on the increase. And that's post feminism.

    So why are we trying to mend something that isn't broken? Women were doing fine throughout history. They were wives, mothers and homemakers. There was a traditional family unit and female happiness was much higher than it is today.

    That's because that is how Allah created them. That was their role. Women want to be looked after by a husband, a qawwām who protects and provides for them. But feminism has browbeaten them into not being able to say so.

    Islam is the answer.
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