Firas al-Khateeb

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    Also note that Darul Qasim in Glendale Heights, Illinois is a Deobandi run school like the majority of schools in the Chicago, IL area.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it is name after Qasim Nanotvi...

    Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia
    Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia has been called Muslim America’s greatest hidden jewel primarily owing to his deep knowledge in the Islamic tradition and aggressive engagement of and preoccupation with contemporary issues facing everyday Muslims in the West. Shaykh Amin, as he is fondly called by his students, reflects the full breadth and depth of traditional Islamic knowledge. His is a level of academic accomplishment that traces its roots to the rigor of a classical instruction in the traditional Deobandi schools of Northern India. There, he exhausted himself under the tutelage of some of the brightest minds in Muslim academia. He received his theosophical initiation and instruction from the venerated Mine of Divine Knowledge, Shaykh Mohammed Meeran, at the Sabil al-Rashad Institute in the Southern Indian city of Bangalore.
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    Look through the Twitter account @LostIslamicHist and you should find your answers.

    Just my observation: The account never mentions any "Sufi" related history or talks about any of the big Awliya Allah besides maybe Imam Ghazali (rahmatullahi alaih).

    I will just provide some of what I have found in the past:

    LostIslamicHist_Deobandi Scholar.PNG
    Note: Husayn Ahmad Madani (Gangohi's Khalifa) -

    From an article on their website:

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    He has some very problematic statements in his work:

    On page 4 he writes:

    "The Ka'ba was built as a plain rectaungular building on a foundation set by the first man - Adam. From this shrine, Ismail was able to preach the monotheistic message to the Arabs, who adopted him as one of their own. Over the centuries however, the progeny of Ismail distorted his monotheistic teachings."

    (Note:Ibn Khaldun states: "The first person to change the way of Ibrahim (alayhisalam) was Amr Ibn al-Hayy)"

    On page 11 he writes:

    "Muhammad was illiterate..."

    (wa nauzubillah)

    On page 14 he writes discussing the protection provided by Abu Talib:

    "While Muhammad himself had protection, he was powerless to stop the oppression of his followers"

    (Note: Ajz' (incapability) in the right of any Prophet is impossible)

    On page 16 he writes discussing the incident of Ta'if:

    "They unequivocally rejected his proposal that they accept Islam and refused to grant him any form of protection"

    On page 25 he writes:

    "By the time of the Conquest of Mecca, Muhammad was sixty years old, an old man by the standards of his time"

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    Does anyone know much about Firas al-Khateeb? His teachers? He is from North America and is the founder of the website He has also authored the work Lost Islamic History.

    This is what is available from his website:

    Firas Alkhateeb is an Islamic History teacher at Universal School in Bridgeview, Illinois. He has a bachelor’s degree in History with a concentration in Islamic History from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He currently studies and teaches at Darul Qasim in Glendale Heights, Illinois.

    Jazak'Allahu Khayr.

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