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  1. hamza1

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    I also have no idea about Mawlana Abu Hasan’s background. I decided to share it because it’s a nice effort and adds to Sunnis’ contributions in English.
  2. Taftazani

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    They have many good posts and clearly seem learned. But it is strange that they would solicit donations and ask for support of their website, without telling us anything about their backgrounds.
  3. Mohammed Nawaz

    Mohammed Nawaz Active Member

    They used to write articles every week and so, its been quite a while since they published one.
  4. hamza1

    hamza1 Active Member

    No idea.
  5. Taftazani

    Taftazani New Member

  6. hamza1

    hamza1 Active Member

  7. Taftazani

    Taftazani New Member

    Who runs this site? It seems very good.
  8. hamza1

    hamza1 Active Member

    Taken from their about page:
    Firasah aims to assist Muslims from all spectrums develop a rational orientation infused with Muhammadan practice that leverages them in all spheres of life, including that of the hereafter.

    We plan to achieve this by providing high-calibre education imbued with spirituality to Muslims across the world, in a manner that befits Iḥsān.

    We are wholly dedicated to abiding by and furthering the precedent set by the legacy of traditional Islamic scholarship, which is the way of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ, his companions, progeny and those who followed their way.

    Our mission is to convey knowledge through a framework that is based on the normative Sunni model representing Muslim orthodoxy, otherwise referred to by the term Ahl al-Sunnah wa l-Jama’ah.

    We aim to develop a seeker’s ability to understand both the rational and textual aspects of their religion while also inspiring them with a rich moral culture that enables them to successfully navigate the labyrinth of modernity.

    Once grounded in such a framework, a person will be able to identify and shun polarisations such as:

    1. Antinomianism and radical reformism
    2. Fanaticism and extremism
    3. Myopic and vacuous narratives under the guise and name of religion
    Our strategy to ensure we achieve these objectives are to:

    1. Produce well researched academic material on a variety of topics in light of the scholastic tradition and contemporary research. This material will attempt to synthesise between different branches of knowledge to address modern issues.
    2. Use a variety of methods such as articles, books, courses etc. to disseminate this knowledge, catering to the needs of the general laity and the wider community.
    3. Form a strong community of individuals sharing the Firasah ethos that can assemble a synectical network of researchers. Funds will be allocated to ensure a contribution of high-grade, diverse input of ideas to further the objective and elevate the discourse.
    The Messenger of Allāh ﷺ said: “Beware the Firasah of a believer for indeed he sees with the light of Allāh.” [Tirmidhi § 3127] Thereafter, he mentioned the verse, “Indeed, in that are signs for those who discern.” [15:75]

    Firasah refers to a type of spiritual insight or intuition that Allāh grants believers through which they are able to discern right from wrong, good from evil and truth from falsehood.

    Imam Abū al-Qāsim al-Qushayrī (d. 465AH) writes in al-Risālah al-Qushayrīyyah:
    “Allāh has favoured the believers with insight and an inner light by which they perceive. In reality, this is knowledge, as affirmed by the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ who said: “…for he sees with the light of Allāh.” i.e. Allāh has bestowed the believer with knowledge and a piercing vision which distinguishes him from all other beings.”

    It is through this foresight, developed via faithful contemplation, practical struggle and devotion that a believer will be able to see things for what they really are in this age of epistemic murkiness and inversion of realities.

    Intuit the truth. Impart knowledge. Inspire the world.

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