fleeing to the mountains

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by Unbeknown, Jun 19, 2019.

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  1. Unbeknown

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  2. Aqib alQadri

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    moving "en masse" would not mean seclusion - it would mean building new cities. so that idea is self-defeating.

    and if all move, who will take care of the masajids you built in the cities you left?
  3. Unbeknown

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  4. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    i think you are inspired by shaykh imran hussain, a perfect idiot. and now reading what you mentioned about "preppers", i can see from where imran hussain took this fancy idea.

    There is no room in this hadith sharif for his idiotic and suicidal idea of fleeing to the mountains in masses and abandon muslim cities.

    CHISHTI Well-Known Member

    ..in America there is this concept of "going off grid"..usually done by "preppers" who are preparing for the new world order domestic take over. Most are fundamentalist Christians who stockpile canned goods, bedding, weapons, maps, tools etc. They learn to be self sufficient, live off the land, avoid Hollywood/mainstream media and have a scriptural world view. I think this ties in with this thread and I also think Muslims should consider something similar...especially those who still live in muslim majority countries..to do so in western countries would draw the attention of the authorities and leave us open to the accusation of not assimilating or creating terrorist enclaves.
  6. Wadood

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    When RasoolAllah salAllaho alaihi wa alihi wa sallam says places of rainfall, i believe he means places where one can provide for self and family, not a barren place
  7. abu Hasan

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    in the commentary of this hadith, that is what they have said. that it is proof for permissibility of uzlah - or seclusion.
  8. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    that is because the general condition of this world, is getting worse day by day. there are ahadeeth that point to this too.

    it also shows that people of Imaan are concerned, and they dare not imagine what worse can come.
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  9. Alf

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    Could this hadith sharif be proof for the practice of awliya Allah going in seclusion in hills and jungles?
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  10. Noori

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    It is a miracle itself that despite so much signs already given and have been seen, yet every generation from the time of sahabah thinks (thought) it is/was the time they live(ed) in.

    I would love to see sharh of this hadith.
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  11. Bazdawi

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    I honestly believe it could be argued that - The time is now!
  12. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    in the hadith, it is mentioned that a time will come when one will have to flee to the mountains for safety. the hadith of bukhari, #7088 [also hadith #19 in bukhari itself]

    bukhari, 7088.jpg

    nigh it is, that the best wealth of a muslim will be sheep; that he takes them on hilltops and places of rainfall; he flees with [to safeguard his] religion from tribulations.

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