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  1. Manners and Respect
    of a Religious Teacher in Islam

    • The teacher is a spiritual father
    • The teacher is an inheritor of the Prophets ‘alaihim us salaam
    • It is obligatory to obey him
    • Respect and revere him
    • Stand up in respect on his arrival in class
    • Greet him with salaam first
    • Shake hands with both hands when meeting him
    • Never raise or spread your legs towards him
    • Listen to him carefully when he is speaking
    • Be quiet when he is speaking
    • Always try to obey him
    • Speak to him very gently
    • Do not turn your back towards him
    • Do not argue with him
    • Do not make him angry
    • Do not sit on his masnad (seat)
    • Dress in a respectable way according to the Sunnah wearing a hat or an ‘Imaamah (Turban) or a scarf
    • When he is answering a question wait for him to finish before speaking

    O Allah grant me the ability to honour, respect and fulfil the rights of my teacher aameen
    Presented by Tariqah Qadria Ridwia Nottingham UK

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