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  1. Aqdas

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    1. This is what most Sunni aalims will claim when they share stages.

    We Sunnis form the majority. Our ulama going there might influence a minority whilst risking to negatively influence the majority.

    Also, deviants tend to know their aqidah better than Sunnis so are less influenced by us whereas our laity don't know aqidah well and are much more likely to be influenced.

    Also, if that's the intention of the Sunni aalim, make it clear. Say it openly and publicly that the people I'm sharing with are otherwise heretics - don't take from them - and I'm only here for Palestine.

    2. Go right ahead. Do it privately. But if you do it publicly without making it clear that they're heretics, you're confusing Sunnis.

    Don't forget the fact that the aalim himself could easily get influenced by keeping the company of heretics. We have seen Sunni ulama become soft because of who surrounds them.
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    Just to be clear i am not saying this is always being done. I dont know if it is or not but just asking if it changes anything.
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    Well written

    Is any consideration given to:
    1 - that the sunni aalim will influence the other party and his followers also, and
    2 - if the sunni aalim is discussing matters with the person in private and working on correcting his mistakes in creed
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    On the Imperative for Ulama to Dissociate from Heretics.

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