From the Mawlid of al-Barzanji

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  1. Sidi--why is the website blocked? This is Sh. Saleh Hendrick's website

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    I am also with you Sidi !!!!!

    Ya RasulAllah :sas: Ya HabibAllah :sas:
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    Bismillāhi’r Raĥmāni’r Raĥīm

    The famous ‘Mawlid al-Barzanjī’ is very brief article describing the great event that is the birth of our Master, the Prince of all creation śallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam. It would be recited on the night of the mawlid and certainly it is a hallowed remembrance –

    abāna mawliduhu án ťībi únšurihi
    yā ťība mubtadayin minhu wa mukhtatami

    [here comes] his blessed birth – pure from every flaw
    what a purity it is from its beginning to its end! [1]

    Shaykh Al-Barzanji says in the famed “Mawlid”:

    And Mustafa was born, and what a great succor, a great comfort it is in reality! The great Imāms who were well-versed in the law and were men of great forethought and carefulness have considered standing at the mention of his blessed birth, as a beautiful thing. May glad tidings be given to them whose sole aim is to revere him śallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam!

    wulida’l musťafā wa ĥaqq al-hanā hādhā wa qad istaĥsana’l qiyāmu índa dhikri mawlidihi’sh sharīf ayimmah dhawaw riwāyatin wa rawiyyah. fa ťūbā liman kāna tážīmuhu śallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam ghāyata marāmuhu wa marmāh.
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