Full text of al-Hallaj's poem, 'So kill me now...'

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  1. So kill me now, my faithful friends

    For in my killing is my life.

    My death would be to live,

    My life would be to die.

    To me removal of my self

    Would be the noblest gift to give

    And my survival in my flesh

    The ugliest offense, because

    My life has tired out my soul

    Among its fading artifacts.

    So kill me, set aflame

    My dried out bones,

    And when you pass by my remains

    In their deserted grave,

    You will perceive the secret of my Friend

    In the inmost folds of what survives.

    One moment I'm a shaykh

    Who holds the highest rank,

    And then I am a little child

    Dependent on a nurse

    Or sleeping in a box

    Within the brackish earth.

    My mother gave her father birth,

    Which was a marvel I perceived,

    And my own daughters whom I made

    Became my sisters in this way to me,

    Not in the world of time

    Nor through adulteries.

    So gather all the parts together

    Of the glowing forms

    Or air and fire

    And pure water

    And sow them in unwatered soil;

    Then water it from cups

    Of serving maids

    And flowing rivulets;

    And then, when seven days have passed,

    A perfect plant will grow.

    (from Al-Hallaj, Herbert W. Mason, Curzon Press, pp. 73-74)

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