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    interesting insight into machine translations, usage, idioms and literal/contextual trans.

    title: amthal: pl. of mathal, 'saying' / also "likes of"; sa'irah: lit. walking; context: that in currency, in use, prevalent.

    1. jadd - verb: strive; noun: grandfather
    one who strives will find [what they seek]

    2. one who walks the path [will eventually] reach [the goal]

    3. zafar: verb: be victorious; (here FB mistake it for a name)
    one who is patient [will be eventually] victorious

    4. قل is mistaken as "qul"; qalla=few, little; sidquhu=truth is mistaken to be Sadaqah=charity
    he who is not truthful does not have many friends.
    [lit. he who has little truth; has few friends]

    5. jaalis=sit [imperative] mistaken for jaalasa [past];
    be in the company of honest and loyal folk

    6. almost there, but trips on subject predicate.
    a friend's affection [whether it is real] is known in times of distress

    7. hopeless analysing it.
    the real taste is felt only after earning it the hard way

    8. at least it conveys the correct meaning.
    patience aids every venture.

    9. examine and observe - you will learn [the truth]

    10. seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.
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