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    Gardens of sunnah is a brilliant book written by sidi Abdul Mannan from Preston.

    A must for all i recommend.

    Allah hafiz
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    you have a short memory. i like the default verdana
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    "For him who holds fast to my Sunnah at the time of corruption of my Ummah, is the reward of a hundred martyrs”. (Bayhaqi).
    Acting upon the beloved Prophet , of Islam has shown mankind, is called “following the Sunnah”. Following the Messenger , is obligatory upon every Muslim as the Sunnah of the Prophet , is in reality following the Qu’ran.
    Three types of Sunnah
    According to the dictionary, the following words explain the Sunnah; the features, life and the way shown. The three types are:
    1. The sayings of the Messenger , meaning the Hadith.
    2. Actions the Messengerdid, meaning his practises.
    3. The actions of the companions in the presence of the Rasulullah that were not sanctioned by him.
    To follow the Prophet , means using him as an example. For example; the way to pray, as well as the manners and etiquettes of eating and drinking, this means acting upon the way shown by the Prophet .

    By following the blessed Sunnah, we will find benefit not only in this world but the hereafter. One can gain;

    · Satisfaction of the heart
    · Internal peace
    · Peace of mind
    Faith (Iman) will become firm and steadfastness on Islam will increase. Benefit i.e. status by acting upon the blessed Sunnah you can gain closeness to the Almighty Allah and his beloved Messenger.

    Three reasons for following anyone;

    · Fear
    · Greed
    · Love

    This means the reason following may be because of a person, a ruler, or due to fear of losing something such as wealth. Following for these reasons holds no meaning and is useless. If the following is done because of wealth or worldly pleasure, then this type of following is meaningless too.

    Following in reality means to follow with love and anything done with love, is accepted by the Almighty Allah. The only purpose of following is due to love and gaining the pleasure of the Almighty Allah. This is the reason why it holds such a high status.

    Please declare, if you love Allah, you should follow me only then Allah will love you and will forgive your faults. And Allah is the most forgiving and most merciful.” Surah Ale Imran Verse: 31

    Reason for the revelation of this verse
    Abd Ibn Abbas states; “The reason why this verse was revealed was that the Prophet , told the people of Quraish to stop worshipping idols in the Holy Kaa’ba”, however, the non Muslims said, “We worship the idols in love of Allah.” The Prophet , told them to follow the religion of their forefathers Ibrahim (upon him peace).

    Abu Hurairah narrates; from the beloved Prophet ,, that he went to the graveyard and started to praise his followers (Ummah). The beloved , said, “There will be people from my Ummah who will be going away from the Haudh al Kathor (pool of kathor) as if they are being chased away. However, I will call them, come here, come here, then it will be said to me, “these are those people who left your sunnah and went their own ways”, after this I will say, stay away, stay away, stay away.

    “He who does not follow my Sunnah is not from me.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

    “None of you truly believe, until I am dearer to you than your father, your children and all mankind.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

    “He, who loves my Sunnah, loves me and he who loves me will enter with me in paradise.” (Tirmidhi)

    “The Prophet said “I leave behind two things; the Qu’ran and my example (Sunnah) if you follow these you will never go astray.” (Bukhari)

    Abu Hurairah has related that the Messenger , has said, “The perfume for men is that whose odour is apparent, and whose colour is hidden and the perfume for women is whose colour is apparent and whose odour is hidden like henna.” (Shamail – e- Tirmidhi)

    Sunnah of Sneezing

    Abd Ibn Ma’sud narrates from the Prophet , that when one sneezes say ‘Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen’. (Tabrani)

    Abd Ibn Ma’sud narrates from the Prophet that when one sneezes and says. ‘Alhamdulillahi’ then the angels say, ‘Rabbil Alameen’ and if he says, ‘Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen’, the angels reply, ‘Yar HamukAllah’. (Tabrani)

    Anas narrates from the Prophet , the truth is at that time (when one is talking) and then sneezes. (Tabrani)

    Manners of Itr

    · To apply Itr on the hair and beard is Sunnah.
    · To apply Itr at night is Sunnah.
    · To apply Itr before Jumah prayers is a Sunnah.
    · One should not refuse Itr when offered.
    · Women should not wear Itr or any perfume except henna.
    · One should not use a fragrance that contains alcohol.

    Manners of walking

    · Do not walk with pride
    · Walk in manner that is not too slow or too fast.
    · If someone is stood in the way, do not walk too close but move and walk away.
    · Do not walk in between women but on the side
    · Do not make noise with your shoes when walking as this seeks attention.
    · Keep the gaze lowered whilst walking.
    · When you hear the adhan, stop, reply then carry on walking.

    Say Your Prayers Before Prayers For You Are Said".

    "Namaz Parh Is Se Pehle Ke Teri Namaz Parhi Jaye".

    Leaving the House

    When leaving a house say ‘Bismillahi Tawakalthu Alillahi Wa Lahowla Wa La Quwata Illabillah’.

    Entering the house

    If you enter a house say “Aslamalikum”, even if you go inside and sisters, brothers and mothers are sitting you still say salaam to them. If no one is in then send salaam upon the Prophet saying; “Aslamalaika Ayyuhan Nabiyyu”, as the spirit of the Prophet is present in very Muslims Home.

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