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Discussion in 'Language Notes' started by kunh al-naqiibah, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. soul mate

    it's a crying shame you didn't write 'manchesteriyyah'

    Give me their details, I think I'll have found a shaqiiq al-nafs - soul-mate.

    And tell them Worcester ain't flooded any more..and there's more to it than the sauce.

  2. Could someone explain 'imaalah' to me please?
  3. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    more clues...

    i know just one manchesteri who writes like you do; i am wondering, hmmm...can it be....?
  4. Please anyone know of free multimedia/flashy Arabic learning online sites
    with quizzes, games etc ?

  5. godilali

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  6. I could but you cannot really learn without a teacher...and i haven't the time at present to do so. insha Allah one day...I just wanted to know the names of the major grammatical terms so that when Urdu speaking ulama use them in talks i know what they are on about...
  7. godilali

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    The three tenses are maaDee (past), Haal (present), and istiqbaal (future).

    Why don't you just study a nahw book?
  8. Ibn Arabi

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    I don't think there is an Arabic equivilent for tense. However there is a much broader term صيغة which includes tense as will as gender and number.

  9. thanks ibn 'arabi bhai.

    what's the arabic for 'tense'?
  10. Ibn Arabi

    Ibn Arabi Banned

    Assalamu alaikum

    Zameer refers to ضمير which means pronoun, like هو (he). i think "naqra" should be "nakirah" (نكرة) which means indefinite.

    Noun: اسم
    Verb: فعل
    Adjective: صفة / نعت
    Subject: فاعل
    Object: مفعول به
    Predicate: خبر
    Nominative: مرفوع
    Accusative: منصوب
    Past: ماضي
    Present: حال
    Future Tense: مستقبل

    The last two are called collectively مضارع (imperfect).
  11. abu Hasan

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    i wasn't pointing out the mistake as a purist. being a veteran netizen, i know the perils of online writing very well and have routinely committed such egregious crimes myself. it was just incidental humor and i couldn't resist it.

    the links show both sides of the argument. don't worry: a language nazi, i am not. the churchill quote.
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  12. :D

    Thanks for pointing out carelessness in my English grammar! I know Lynne Truss' book! On forums I often don't bother with correctness of grammar unless I am in a serious mood. Call it the fault of too much time on the Internet...

    I know 'I don't often get...' is a hideous Americanism which all true English speakers
    should abhor!

  13. abu Hasan

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  14. :s1:

    Some of our ulama when they are talking use technical terms from Arabic grammar which I don't often get. It'd be really helpful if someone (aH perhaps!) could put the equivalent English word on here just so that I know what exactly they are on about!

    Let's start with these words:


    Also what are the Arabic terms for noun, verb, adjective, subject, object, predicate, nominative, accusative, past, present, future tense.

    Jazak Allahu khayran.

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