Great Panjabi Sufi Saints 1: Sayyid Waris Shah & Heer Ranjha

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  1. Here is a youtube recording of the ENTIRE kalam in 160 parts. This is part 1
    which is the Opening Verses which give the Sunni aqidah of Hazrat Waris Shah in the verses I translated above etc.

    (this is just vocal singing with no music)
  2. My own fuller attempt at a translation:
    The four friends of the Prophet are four jewels, each more lovely than the next.
    Abu Bakr and Umar, Usman, Ali are all glittering due to their own qualities.
    Having explored truthfulness, certainty, they are unique on the path of God,
    Leaving luxury, they adopted asceticism -bravo! These are the Men of God.
  3. note for deniers of the naarah e tahqiq: look at the words in the last 3 lines: "To the four friends of the Prophet also be praise, even to Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman and Ali..."
  4. i found an excellent (but abridged) old translation from the previous century!

    here is the translation of the first 3 stanzas (it was a pdf file so i have attached the translation as a jpeg image).

    the whole may be found here:

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  5. I was just browsing through this and would be interested if there exists a complete line by line translation of Heer Waris Shah into Urdu or English? If not it deserves to be done!
  6. :s1:

    I was just listening to the malang's recitation of the kalam of Baba Waris Shah (Heer) again and it is mesmerising. Apparently this dervish's name is Sain Bodhi Shah. Here he is singing at the shrine of Baba Waris Shah rahmatullah alayhi.

    [the comments are interesting. there is NO music. it is Sufi kalam.]

    "Said Heer: O' yogi, you lie!'.."
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  7. Note the similarities between this and the other great Sufi romances such as Layla Majnun and Yusuf o Zuleykha by Mawlana Jami.
  8. [​IMG]:s1:

    One of the greatest saints, most famous for his masterpiece Heer Ranjha -- arguably the greatest Panjabi Sufi literary masterpiece.

    The Complete Heer Ranjha (Panjabi in Urdu (Shahmukhi) script)

    A wonderful recitation of verses from Heer Waris Shah by a malang [dervish] at the Saint's shrine (no music):

    [a translation of the above, opening, stanzas to come later soon insha Allah. Basically they describe hamd of Allah Ta'ala and praise of the Prophet--especially how by creating the Sultan of Lawlak and falling in love with him, Allah was the first to love--and he created the world for the Prophet's sake! The second stanza is naat of the highest order and the third mentions the Chaar Yaar -- 4 Rightly Guided Caliphs of Islam etc.
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