Habib 'Umar before and after Hajj

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    In the message before Hajj al-Mubarak, Habib 'Umar, Allah ta'ala bless him!, as I understand, tells us about the Suluk of the Muslim and the pondering he must do in the spirit of fikr, thinking, the real thinking, on the meaning of his works, the images he has in his mind.

    Habib 'Umar reminds us on the meanings, and asks Allah to revive these meanings in us, in our hearts, because we are the Ummah, so that our Haal becomes the best of Haals

    In the message after Hajj al-Mubarak, I do not have the words to say. My mouth is shut in aww. I do not want to speak, but cry even after so so so much. Allah u Akbar.

    What was the love that our Habeeb :sas: poured on our Sahaba, His :sas: Mighty Companions? Can one imagine?
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