Hadith: I have previously prohibited you of visiting graves

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    Ibn Majah rađiyAllāhu ánhu reported that on the authority of Ibn Ma’sud rađiyAllāhu ánhu that the Prophet şallAllāhu álayhi wa sallam said,

    I have previously prohibited you of visiting graves, but now i ask you to do so as they help you disregard this worldly life and reminds you of the hereafter.

    Scholars have said,

    The best thing for the hearts, particularly if they are hardened, is to visit cemeteries. Those who have hardened hearts can cure them by the following things:

    (1) Attending religious congregations to help them repent by listening to sermons that remind one of Allah Almighty, alarm them of hell, provoke them to seek Jannah, tell them about the biographies of virtuous people which softens hearts and cures them.

    (2) Remembering death frequently as it eliminates pleasures, sets clans apart and renders children orphans. It is narrated that a woman complained to Ummul Mumineen Sayyidah Ayesha Siddiqah rađiyAllāhu ánha that her (the woman enquiring’s) heart is hardened. So Ummul Mumineen rađiyAllāhu ánha said to her, “If you remember death frequently, your heart will be softened.” The woman did so and her heart became softer, and she came back to thank her, may Allah Almighty be pleased with her. Scholars have stated, “Remembering death deters one from committing sins, soften rigid hearts, alleviates one’s indulgence in this worldly lifeand decreases the impact of catastrophes."

    (3) Seeing dying people on their deathbeds. Doing so, together with witnessing their suffering and pondering over their fate after death, undermines delight, prevents sleep and relaxation, urges people to toil and increases diligence and hard work.

    Imam Qurtubi’s, At-Tadhkirah, pg 30 – 31, Dar al-Manarah

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