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    p.s: do not know the speaker.
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    from tibb-an-nabawi of ibn qayyim:

    For instance, AI-Baghawi narrated that once Uthman saw a handsome boy and commanded, "Blacken his cleft chin so that the evil eye does not touch him."

    AI-Khattabi In addition narrated in Gharib AIHadith, "It was narrated that Uthman once saw a handsome boy and that he said, 'Hide his cleft chin with black color."' Uthman wanted to hide the cleft chin of the handsome boy using black color so that he was not touched by the evil eye.

    more in this post.
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    a friend told me of a hadith that says that in order to avoid catching nazar/evil eye, the Prophet, 3alaihis salam, told the men to place a black dot on the right side of the face, and on the left side of the face for women.

    he said it is from Sahih Muslim or Tirmidhi, and not along the lines of the popular desi "totka" of placing a black mark on the face

    i can't seem to find it. if anyone can help, it would be appreciated

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