Hafiz-e Millat

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  1. Unbeknown

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    a scholar recently remarked:

    "hafiz-e-millat ne faqeeri me ameeri ki aur mujahid-e-millat ne ameeri me faqeeri ki"

    mujahid-e-millat('alayhirrahmah) was known as rais-e-orissa, he had so much property that even during the days of the british raj his family paid lakhs of rupees in lagaan(tax) - which is the equivalent of millions of rupees now - just in taxes! and he used all his wealth in the service of Islam and sunniyat.

    whereas hafiz-e-millat('alayhirrahmah) was a philanthropist despite having little to spend on himself. Jamia Ashrafiya was built as a result of his tireless efforts even in the face of all odds and opposition from people. He used to say:

    "maine Ashrafiya ko paseene se nahi, apne khoon se seencha hai"
  2. YaMustafa

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    Some information I found out.

    His name: Shah Abdul Azeez
    Student of Mufti amjad ali azmi
    Khilafat and Ijazat from Mufti Amjad ali azmi and Shah ali hussain ashrafi miya
    Bai'at to Shah ali hussain ashrafi miya kichochvi

    His works- Ma'rif-e-Hadith
    - Irshad al-Quran
    - Al-Irshad
    - Anba' al-Ghayb
    - Al-Misb al-Jadid
    - Firqa-e-Na'jiya
    - Fatawa Azeeziya
    - Hashiya Sharh Mishkaat

    DEMISE :
    On Monday, 1st Jamadi-al-Akhir, 1396 A.H (31 May 1976), he gave his lesson of Sahih al-Bukhari. He taught from Kitab al-Jana'iz & lectured on the topic of death. During the lecture, he mentioned that todday is Monday & this is the day that Sayyiduna RasoolAllah (Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalam) was born & the day he left this world. On the night of the 31 May 1976 at 11:55pm, this mountain of Knowledge left this world. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illayhi Raji'un.
  3. Taalib-e-Ilm

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    The one scholar who I know with certainty has khilafat from hafiz e Millat is Mumtaz al Fuqaha, sultan al asatiza, muhadith e kabeer Allama zia ul mustafa.

    If anyone else knows the name of hazrats other khulafa, please do post as I've been searching too.
  4. ghulam-e-raza

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  5. YaMustafa

    YaMustafa Well-Known Member

    Anyone have a biography of this great scholar? His teachers, students, Shaykh/Pir, Khilafat, Khulafa, works, students, Stories

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