Haji ImdadAllah Muhajir Makki on Alahazrat

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    From those who attained copious amounts from gifted knowledge, a youth who is reliable, from Bareilly in India, the son of Mufti Naqi Ali Khan, namely Mawlana Ahmad Rida Khan. He can be called a resolute fighter of our era who completely refutes falsehood and is seen to be immensely involved in refutation of innovations and misguidance. He is a researcher of the highest order and an embodiment of taqwa and piety. A follower of the sunnah of RasulAllah ﷺ and a servant of his religion. He will be the leader of the scholars of his time. The land of India will blossom during to the fragrance of his knowledge and gnosis and the world will benefit from his blessings and learning for a long time.

    [Imam Ahmad Raza awr ulama e Makkah, p.34]

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