He Who Knows Himself....

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    Peace to one and all,
    May I have the pleasure of sharing with you the 2 attached papers/booklets on Sufism/Tasawwuf, for your perusal and use. Find time to examine them, I believe you will find them educative in the quest towards understanding the inner aspects of Islam generally. They are on:--

    1) Comprehensive analysis of that saying attributed to the Leader of Mankind,
    the Noble Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam,
    'He Who Knows Himself, Knows His Lord'. The analysis was offered by Grand
    Sheikh Ibn Arabi.

    2) 'Introduction to Sufi Doctrine', by Titus Burckhardt. It examines the core issues
    [esoteric inward aspects] in Islamic mysticism.

    Enjoy both.
    Many Regards.

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