Hz. Hashmi Miyan on Ala Hazrat's Kya hi zauq afza shafaat hai tumhari wah wah!

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  1. Ala Hazrat has a couplet in one of his naats which goes like this:

    Kya hi zauq afza shafa'at hai tumhari vaah vaah
    Qarz leti hai gunaah parhezgari vaah vaah
    In what elevated taste indeed is your intercession, bravo! bravo!
    That Piety itself takes Sin as a loan, bravo! bravo!

    This couplet (along with some other info. about ala hazrat's poetry) is explained in 3 parts by Hazrat Shaykh Allama Sayyid Muhammad Hashmi Miyan al-Ashrafi al-Jilani in his own inimitable style below (about 10 mins per part):



    part 3:


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