ibn Humam at the grave of ibn 'Ata' Allah

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    . Allah u Akbar!!!

    I love Islam
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    Imām Kamāl ibn Humām al-Ĥanafī visited the grave of the gnostic Ibn Áţā’Allāh as-Sakandari and began reciting the sūrah, Hūd. When he reached the 105th verse: and amongst them [on judgement day] shall be the disgraced, miserable and the fortunate, blessed / [fa minhum shaqiyyun wa saýīd], he heard a loud voice from the grave: ‘O Kamāl, there is no one miserable amongst us’.

    Ibn Humām made a will that he be buried there. [He is buried in As-Sakandari's grave, in Al-Qurafa cemetry].

    [Jāmiý Karāmāt al-Awliyā’a, Yusuf an-Nab’hāni, Vol.1/pg.427]


    please excuse my ignorance but i just want to know what he is buried in As-Sakandari’s grave means. does it mean next to like sayyidina rasulAllah sallAllahu ‘alaihi wasallam and shaykhayn radiyAllahu ta’ala anhuma?
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