`Id Mawlid al-Nabawi and the kalam of Hadrat Shaykh ul-Islam Sayyid Madni Miya

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    Brother, I guarantee you that most of these issues are not started by the murids of Hazrat Tajush Shari'ah. I know this for a fact. The people who are always starting an issue and I have personally observed this are generally murids of other Shuyukh who use the name of Sayyidi for their own benefit. Not everyone who appends Raza at the end of their name are murid of Tajush Shari'ah. Most of these people have not even met him yet act as spokespersons for him.
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    this is a response to the following thread. i am posting it here so as not to divert that thread:


    i have this friend, a graduate from ashrafiya, an ardent admirer and mureed of sayyidi tajushshariah. Hazrat even knows him by his name. He was the one who finally convinced me to do bayah to azhari sahib. and here's what he once said to me a long time back:

    iv'e stayed at manzar-e-islam, bareilly shareef a couple of times and have got the opportunity to observe azhari sahib very closely and benefit from his knowledge and kindness. i've also had the opportunity to spend time with hazrat madani miya. i have realized that these shuyookh have immaculate hearts. most of the things attributed to them are just attributions and no more.

    this is just a chunk of the conversation. but his open-mindedness really touched me. more so because he is full of love and admiration for azhari miya. he's never tired of relating to me of all those things he has observed about him. yes, he always says that you won't find a shaykh more pious and scrupulous than tajushshariah, but that's to be expected from any mureed of any shaykh. i merely wished to point out that even such a person respects madani miya.

    now, i am not saying that all brothers on this forum who i think are close to azhari miya are narrow-minded or of 'if you point a finger at my shaykh......' mentality. they may agree to the above observations or not. they may have had other experiences.

    but i think we need to deal with this issue in the same beautiful manner as alahazrat has said in fatwa-ridawiyyah, i don't remember where, regarding the differences of opinion between scholars of the past such as imam bukhari's certain opinions about imam Azam. maybe someone can post the relevant passage here, it's simply beautiful and shows alzahazrat's superb adab for scholars.

    jazakAllah. Wassalaam.
  3. insha Allah!
  4. Could Sidi NJ please translate these blessed verses of Hadrat Shaykh ul-Islam Allama Sayyid Muhammad Madani Miya (damat barakatahum ul aalia)?

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