Infographic Release : Our Master Sayyiduna Muhammad - Seerah

Discussion in 'Ridawi Press' started by abu Hasan, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. abu Hasan

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  2. abu Hasan

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    this infographic has chronology of 23 years:
    i tried to fit on the page but i decided to move it to another infographic for practical considerations. for example, the size had to be a3/a2/a1 for the convenience it affords to be printed anywhere. i chose the timeline to be 63 years, and the space around the last 23 years would be crowded, as most recorded events are in this period. hence it was decided, to move it to another infographic and retain only the most important milestones. the other issue was about keeping the background white, instead of parchment or a faded masjid nabawi pic (which makes it even more noisy and difficult to read).

    but the layout of the turkish infog is nice; not surprising, as he is a professional artist.
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  3. abu Hasan

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  4. sherkhan

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    The poster is not an old style artwork or a high school project. May be that is what AMQ had in mind.

    If you google "infographic", you may understand what aH has attempted to do. As far as information overload goes, you may not have realised that it was an attempt to faithfully summarise Nur al-Uyun (the seerah book); and it did that rather successfully.
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  5. abu Hasan

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    i think you are measuring it with the marketing yardstick. while all your objections may hold good, please remember, we are not selling a product and attempt to attract attention. this is meant to be educational - and people are expected to read to learn. frankly, cannot make everyone happy. next someone will chip in and say that what is the use of all those names? or something else like that.

    having spent years on art and design as a hobby, (which may make me an armchair critic at any rate) my take is that it beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. you can teach someone to learn a skill or technique, but art and creativity is something you cannot teach. i have no hesitation to accept and i frankly admit that i am not an artist nor do i have the talent - so there is no point in cribbing about it. (btw, i have said it many times to my old friends, abu nibras and some others).

    i think, if you want to improve on it, use that data and make one yourself. it would be nice to have good infographics.

    trying to cram a lot of information in one sheet was itself a challenge. so the point of information overload is a matter of personal preference. you can take away all of that and have pretty pictures that are nice to look at - try 'the sacred trusts' at nearly $500.

    of course. people want to become mujtahids without reading a single book. people ought to be ashamed of themselves if they cannot stand to read AT LEAST a poster (that is if they have never read a sirat book in their life. some people read twenty voluminious books on seerat mubarakah and are still not satisfied. but for the love of goodness, at least read this poster if you don't have time to read a proper seerat book.)

    actually, this is the first infographic in a series of many, in sha'Allah. we will see more. the point of this infographic WAS info overload.

    look again.

    firstly, there are some technical issues. the images i have used are copyright free and one of them is modified at a size where copyright should not be an issue. if you want eye candy - go ahead acquire rights to images and make a collage. that was not my objective.

    perhaps you should read again.

    i must apologise. this is the outcome of someone who attempts his hand at 'art' without learning basics.

    wa's salam.
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  6. AMQadiri

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    maa shaa' Allah this is excellent. May Allah reward and bless everyone who contributed to this.

    I have some critiques on the design however and would like to suggest some solutions because I really want to mass print these and distribute in the future in shaa' Allah.

    • Sensory Overload - there is too much "going on" in the image that it makes it hard to concentrate one one aspect. For example, I'm not seeing any consistency with the colors in the texts.
    • Information Overload - same as above. If this is meant to be displayed in a house or masjid, then who will stand long enough to read all of it? People have very short attention spans these days.
    • Organization and Arraignment - there's no chronological order if a person were to read it from left to right, top to bottom.

    Here are my suggestions:
    • From a design perspective, simplicity is king. Why not take one aspect, like the ancestors portion, and expand it out into a full size image? Maybe try this with every portion so that you will have multiple images but the information will be short and sweet. In other words, you can partition the current image into multiple separate images. This would solve the critiques above for the most part
    • The chosen colors are fine but maybe try to bring some consistency. For example - the blessed names could all be in one specific color
    • People like images so possibly modify the images (Nalayn Pak, Green Dome, etc.) to make them bigger and stand out
    Let me know what you think. These are just my suggestions from what I've seen from a User Experience, User Design perspective. I also think that printing these in a 8.5-11" format would be nice if they are separately sectioned out as mentioned above.
  7. abu Hasan

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    there was a word missing from one of the aayats.

    please replace it with v2. it is now corrected and uploaded.
  8. abu nibras

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    High Resolution Download
    Low Resolution Download

    Our Master Sayyiduna Muhammad - sallAllahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam - Infographic
    A Gift of Mawlid 1439

    A beautiful and quick reference infographic of Seerah for kids and adults alike, which will help one know the one, al-Mustafa sallAllahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam, knowing whom and loving whom, is and should be the essence of the life of a mumin.

    In this age where we are occupied and engrossed in the mundane and the ordinary, this infographic brings you a glimpse into the extraordinary life of the beloved Messenger of Allah sallAllahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam. If you see this regularly , perhaps on a wall, you will in sha Allah, effortlessly create a mental map and memorize important aspects of the Seerah and gain from its barakah.

    May Allah t`aala enable and increase us in the love of his beloved Habib sallAllahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam, and grant us the perfection of Iman and Islam through knowing the light that was manifest upon us in this lightsome month of Rabiy ul Awwal.

    Wishing you all a blessed Mawlid ash-Sharif.
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