Featured Infographic Release : The Periodic Table of Quran Chapters

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    credit: the original idea for qur'an PT was by brother hussain ibrahim of ihya press. when he saw the HPT, he asked me if i could do something for the qur'an (if i remember well).
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    mashaAllah, an excellent work,! barakAllahu feek sidi Abu Hasan.
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    english symbols



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    At the heart of traditional Islamic scholarship lies the noble pursuit of rendering knowledge both accessible and lucid to the broader populace. In the confluence of this pursuit and modern artistry stands our next release, The Periodic Table of Qur’ān Chapters, a creation by Shaykh Abu Hasan Ridawi.

    Meticulously crafted and radiating elegance, it stands as a visual compass, navigating the vast expanse and elaborate intricacies of the Qur’ān and its chapters. Just as a map charts the known world, this table delineates both the overarching framework and the delicate configurations of the chapters within the divine text as understood and taught by our salaf.

    Drawing from the profound scholarship of luminaries such as Imām Álamuddīn Sakhāwī, Shaykh Abu Hasan’s tableau presents the venerable categorizations of the Qur’ān's chapters. A symphony of four distinct colors comes to life, each resonating with the profound groupings bequeathed by traditions and echoing the words of RasūlAllāh. These depict The Seven Lengthy Ones, The Centums, The Iteratives, and The Sectioned Ones. Alongside these primary hues, six additional thematic clusters shine, each with its own significance, from the Sprawling Fields (Mayādīn) to the serene Meadows (Riyāđ).

    Each 'element' or chapter-box, curated by Shaykh Ridawi, offers a kaleidoscope into the world of a specific sūrah. It gracefully unveils its order, name, the context of its revelation, part number, the mention of a prostration verse, and the verse tally. These details are the golden stitches in the grand tapestry of the Qur’ān's divine layout.

    Through Shaykh Abu Hasan Ridawi's harmonization of tradition with design, of aesthetics with knowledge, as we saw in the Hadith Periodic Table, you are beckoned to immerse deeper, to approach the Qur’ān with a rejuvenated reverence, and to let its eternal echoes find a home in your soul.

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