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  1. Haroon

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    yes many things came into sufism, and many things have been pushed back out. Does this mean that we should reject the whole concept? of course not. Problems also came in the other sciences, such as the science of hadith where you got many people creating fabricated hadiths, but that does not mean that we do away with all the hadith.

    The examples you mention are clearly haram, such as qawallis with musical instruments and doing sajdah of respect to the grave (of course the sajdah of worship would be clear kufr) but these are things which are practised not by the real sufis anyway.

    An excellent talk in regards to the topic is titled "tassawuf in the context of the shariah" by shaykh nuh ha mim keller which can be listened to on the following link:

    Click here
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    Assalamu Alaekum :D

    Somewhere I heard from a scholar that sufis innovated many new things in tasawwuf, however this scholar admires that tasawwuf is the only way to achieve purity. He further said that one must ask alims abt fiqhi issues because they r well aware of them like a sufi being well aware of 'tazkiya' issues that an alim cannot solve! I personally disagree with this comment because i read that Sheikh Junaid Baghdadi says that a sufi is an alim and abid at a same time. What i need to understand that what r those controversial issues that some ppl disregard sufis, by giving fatawas of bidah or kharijul islam against them? He pointed me out when i asked abt these innovations some issues like doing tawaf around the qabr of sheikh, doing sajda, qawwalis, and the list goes on. I'll keep my opinion with me on these issues untill some body highlights me the other innovations.


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