irfan mash'hadi : awliya, madad and refuting wahabi tahrif

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by naqshbandijamaati, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. he is a legend. my personal experiences of sunni ulama and mashaikh have made me deeply sceptical about the whole lot of them but there are always exceptions...and he is one such rarw jewel who restores my faith in sunniyat. may Allah enoble him further!
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    i went to west bromwich masjid on saturday to hear the sayyid and he spoke for nearly 2 hours between maghrib and isha.

    absolutely superb!

    i try not to exaggerate in praise for anyone - even sunni ulama - and i can honestly say that he is a blessing of Allah for the sunnis of the UK.

    he spoke about the ghawth because it was a gyarhwin sharif gathering and refuted the rafidis and spoke about the greatness of the sahaba.

    sunniyoN ka badshah! irfan shah, irfan shah!
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    Beautiful reply by Sayyidi Irfan Shah Mashadi Allah Almighty bless them immensely
  4. Subhaan Allah beautiful reply by Hafiz Shaykh Sayyid Irfaan Shah al Mashhadi hafizahullahu Tabaarak wa Ta'ala
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    taffzilis get jealous quick.
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    a blessing to the sunnis of the UK. we see people who aren't half as good who can't stop praising themselves and here is the noble sayyid, a picture of modesty.
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    edit mod [aqdas]: i know the tafzilis are hurt by shah sahib's exposition of them, but you don't need to hijack every thread that mentions him.
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  8. Allahu Akbar ! shah sahib smashed the gustaakh deo to bits!
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  9. subhanAllah....

  10. SA01

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    Yes, I saw this when it was on. Great to have it Utube so soon.

    ROARRRRR! Qattar Sunniyat Zindabad! :D
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    he is doing a wonderful job on ummah. may Allah preserve him. he is normally very accomodating on tv but as he himself said, this issue needed clearing up and that is why he came into his own.

    part 1 , part 2

    hearing owais qadri at the end of clip 2 was nice. all our na'at khwans need to be like this, i.e. stauch sunnis who have love for the ulama and alaHazrat.
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