Is the Author Sunni Sahi ul Aqeedah ?

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Baba_07, Jul 26, 2020.

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    Does anyone have pdf softcopies of islamic books Insah Allah I want to print and distribute among my locals please anyone have links or pdf files please provide me.
    Especially seerah books
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    The following was there in the site ( ).

    "It gives us great pleasure in marking the start of our relationship with Shaykh Osman Nuri Topbas and Erkam Publications with the release of the Third Edition of ‘Sayyiduna Muhammad (eternal blessings of Allah upon him, his Family and Companions), The Prophet of Mercy: Scenes from His Life."

    I think if they are co-ordinating for the third edition than he may be Sahi ul Aqeedah Sunni.
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    I can't vouch for all the books.

    al-Ihya Foundation Publications (managed by Mawlana Kalim & Mawlana Husain Qadri) have published Topbas' "The Prophet of Mercy" with a long preface and recommendation. I must say that this book is very well written and probably one of the best modern seerah book in English.
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    Is the Author Osman Nuri Topbus from Turkey Sunni Sahi ul Aqeedah ?

    I have seen too many books in English and I had a quick glance at books, I feel he is Sunni.
    Can others too verify that his Aqeedah is correct or is he a Goofy Sufi or there are issues with him ?
    I want to be sure about the Author before reading his books.

    His books can be seen at the following site :

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