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    assalamu 'alaykum brother Muhammad Raza from India,

    Answer 1) There is a difference between 'alauddin and his empire, and the people living in the empire. When Genghis Khan attacked his empire, he killed the innocent people as well. No one knows how many murids of Sayyidna Najmuddin Kubra raDiyaAllahu 'anhu were martyred. It is a fact that thousands of Sufis in Urgench (northern Uzbekistan) where, so many of the Kubrawi murids were stationed, actively engaged in jihad against the invading Mongols. Sayyidna Najmuddin Kubra himself was martyred by the Mongols in Khawarizm/Urgench itself. So, I do not believe that Sayyidina Najmuddin wished for the empire to get destroyed, because he and all other Sunnis were themselves living in the empire and they did jihad against the Mongols. But it is possible he made bad du'a for 'alauddin.

    Answer 2) We do not know exactly how the caravan got ravaged. It is commonly stated that Khawarizm Shah ravaged that caravan. This is possible, but what are the scenarios on the ground at that time, the contexts, and conditions. If Khawarizm Shah did it out of pride and power, then it was indeed very stupid of him. Islamically, I do not know, we would have to examine the details around this incident in detail. However, we do know that we do not kill the guests who come to our lands, but we serve them hospitality instead. There are other possibilities too, such as some other enemies of Islam and Muslims doing it, and spreading the wrong propaganda around. As you know, the crusaders had spies all around. They knew about the Khawarizmis. Much later, the displaced Khawrizmi army itself ravaged some of the crusaders in the Levant. These are just theories mixed with some facts. We would need to do proper research here from the primary sources, such as Ibn Athir's manuscripts.

    Answer 3) As you know, the Seljuqs were then just fighting among themselves everywhere from Aleppo all the way to Khurasan and Caucasus. The ones in Khurasan just bribed the Khawarizmi governers to support them to fight the other Seljuqs. All Khawarizmis, all Seljuqs were Mamluk Turks, Khurasan/Iran dwellers. They were both from the central asian turkish tribes, mamluk tribes. They were all Sunni, but fought eachother for power, control, and land like Sunnis nowadays. The enmity between them was for power, control, and land. The Khawarizmis included fresh, strong Turks from the hinterland. Seljuqs were already almost entirely assimilated into local populations.
  2. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    Shukriya brother .. 3 more questions !

    It is said that Huzoor Najmuddeen Kubra Raziallahu Ta'alah 'Anhu , did Bad Dua' for Khwarizm Shah ( 'Ala ud Deen Muhammad II ) , when Khwarizm Shah had 2 of his Disciples drowned in a river and it is the consequence that his empire was ravaged by Genghis ..?

    Also was it Islaami correct for Khwarizm Shah to ravage the caravan sent by Genghis to Khwarizm Shah ?

    Is it also true that the Seljuk Turks had enemity with Kwarizm Shah ?

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    Khawarizm Shah was a Hanafi Sunni.
  4. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    When Chenghiz attacked, Khwarezm Shah was one of the rulers .. Could u plz tell if he was a Sunni ruler ?

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    Brother Berek accepted Islam during the attack on Baghdad al-Shareef. He engaged his own family in revenge. At least due to him, people in the Urals/Volga/Altai grew nearer to Islam, much less in hostility.

    Because of him, these northern peoples that included Turks came to be familiar with Islam, that must have caused easiness in later encounters with Muslims. Though the Turks fought wars with the Muslims, they still accepted Islam in vast numbers due to the Sufi Awliya migrating to their lands.
  8. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    The Mongols especially under the leadership of Genghis Khan, the Kaafir , stormed through the Islaami Mamaalik to Ravage the Muslims and indeed they were Successful to some extent when they Plundered the Cities of Nishapur, Baghdaad, Herat, Balkh, Khiva etc . and left Millions and millions of Muslims slaughtered..

    But The Will of Allah 'Azzawajal was the Flourish and Not the Downfall of Islaam.. And See the Greatness of ALLAH 'AZZAWAJAL . .. that The Great-Grandson of Genghis , whose name was Berek, converted to Islaam and thus the Mongols became Muslim... and protector of Islaam ..

    In this case None can say the Islaam Spread By swords .. Rather "Islaam Spread Through its Great Ideals and Its TRUTH " ...


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