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  1. Dawud

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    1) Allah (SWT) said “Umma Khalaqna Tul Jinna Wal Insana” (“Jinn and Insaan were created for Allah (SWT)’s worship).
    The Noble Qur'an - Az-Zaariyaat 51:56
    And I (Allâh) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone).

    Allah (SWT) says “And behold We said to the Angels, bow down to Adam (AS) and they all bowed down. Not so Iblis, he was disobedient. He was with those who rejected faith” (Surah Al-Baqarah, 34)

    Angel’s statement:will You place therein those who will do harm therein and shed blood?” (2:30)

    They were created after the angels and before Adam by 2,000 years during which they populated the earth, committed kufr and shed blood, and this is the meaning of the angels statement: meaning: as the jinn had done before; as narrated from Ibn `Abbas by al-Hakim.

    2) Human beings and Jinns were given free will and the ability to distinguish right from wrong and choose freely, they are both responsible independently, and they cannot blame Iblis for making them do anything against their own will.

    Al-Razi said in his Tafsir under the same verse:
    “There is complete agreement that the jinn are legally responsible (mukallafun).”
  2. AbdalQadir

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    jazak Allah khayr for your post brother.

    i understand your post. my questions are specifically the following:

    1) the Quran says "kaana minal kafireen". does this imply he was the first kafir or that the others before him became kafir by their disobedience and bloodshed and he joined their ranks by refusing to prostrate to Adam 3alaihis salam? (i will also check up on my copy of Ibn Kathir and Kanzul Iman if I can find an answer to these specific questions)

    2) the other jinns who caused corruption and bloodshed - they did it out of their nafs, right? for before iblis renegaded he did not whisper to others to commit evil/kufr. or were they also goading each other to commit evil? if i remember well, i have heard from more than one speaker saying that nafs precedes shaytan as that is what initially caused iblis to be iblis.
  3. Dawud

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    Abdullah Ibn Omar, said that the Jinn, the descendants of Jaann, had existed for about two thousand years before Adam. They made mischief and shed blood, therefore God sent army of Angels who expelled them to remote islands. When the angels said, "while we glorify You with praises and thanks (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners) and sanctify You." means we always worship You and none of us ever disobey You. We worship You day and night. And when God said to the angels, "He said, "I know that which you do not know." means God told them that He had the best of knowledge about the purpose of their creation which they had no knowledge of it. And He said, “I am setting on the earth a vicegerent.”

    Ibn Abbas narrates, “And He created man from clay. The first to dwell on earth were the jinn. They caused corruption on it, shed blood, and killed each other. He continued. God sent Iblis to them with an army of angels. They were that tribal group called jinn. Iblis and those with him caused a bloodbath among them and eventually banished them to the islands in the oceans and the mountainsides. His success went to his head, and he said: I have done something nobody has ever done before. He continued. God was aware of how Iblis felt, but the angels who were with him were not.” God said to the ones who is along with the Iblis, “I am setting on the earth a vicegerent.” Then the angels said, "Will you set therein one who will cause disorder and corruption on it and shed blood, while we glorify You with Your and declare that You alone are all-holy and to be worshipped as God and Lord.” ( Taberi,Tefsir,I,195-214;Tarih,I/1,107-112)
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    for reference, the post AQ is commenting upon is this.
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  5. AbdalQadir

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    i haven't read this thread at all save this page.

    can you please clarify brother, from a tahqiqi point of view, are you saying iblis was the first kafir or that there were other kafir jinns before him too?

    as far as i know he was the first kafir, and he then started calling other humans and jinns to Allah's disobedience too. is/isn't this right?

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