JTI and Irfan Shah

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Jonaid202, Oct 12, 2021.

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  1. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    UK ulama need to say Irfan Shah is now unreliable and Sunnis shouldn't follow him. Or is it just the job of Barelwis to speak up and the rest can continue keeping people happy?

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  2. shahnawazgm

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    Unfortunately these jahil pirs are the ones who cause the most damage to the Ahle sunnat.

    It's all a money making machine, as long as Irfan Shah keeps the money coming in they won't care.

    And let this be a wake up call for the awaam too. Better to be on the footsteps of our pious predecessors rather than blindly following these jahil pirs. Salvation will come with sticking to the shariah and not by blind following these jahils. Nabeel take note!

    Anyone who supports Iran Shah should also be boycotted.
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  3. AMQadiri

    AMQadiri Seeker

    Bradford Grand Maulid 2021 | Jamiyat Tabligh-ul-Islam | Pir Syed Irfan Shah Mashadi| Tariq Gift Centre

    Shocking to see some of the people on stage...
  4. Jonaid202

    Jonaid202 New Member

    Those who exploit the name of Rizwiyyat for their self interests have used their platform to completely turn away from the teachings of Imam Ahmad Raza and the fatwa of Bareilly sharif. Tafziliyyat was openly promulgated in Bradford. Those who have always lived off Sunni money have stabbed Ahl al-Sunnah in their backs by allowing those people to lead the procession of Milad al-Nabi ﷺ who have publicised their love for rafizis and tafzilis. Despite repeated warnings from scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah, the clear fatwa of Bareilly sharif and pleas of lay people; those who accepted Irfan Shah as their leader have pledged to betray the way of Ahl al-Sunnah and made their future intentions apparent. From Allah we come and to Him is our return. This is an attempt to dishonour the dignity of Bradfordian Sunnis to the rest of the UK, even though the vast majority of Bradford's Sunnis are from Azad Kashmir, where it is transmitted by elders that: 'even if a shiah offers salah, he makes two and half yards around him all impure.' To play with such an exceptional people is the apex of dishonesty.
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