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    a summarised and poor translation of the above excerpt from Sharh'ul Aqaid by Imam Taftazani rahimahullah, the Imam gives a few reasons as to why early scholars gave theology this name;

    1. The scholars used to open the discussion on the issues/debates of this science with "Alkalamu fi kadha wa kadha", i.e. discourse in such and such issue, hence they named this science al-kalam

    2. The speech of Allah Subhanu wa Ta'la was the most debated and disputed issue at that time among ahlussunah and ahlul bid'ah scholars, so much so that some transgressors killed many ulama just because they did not believe in the speech of Allah Subhanu wa Ta'ala being created.

    3. This science enables theologians to prove their creed and empowers them to debate in such a manner that makes their opponents speechless

    4. Aqidah is the first and foremost incumbent thing that is taught by speech, therefore ulama used this term to describe theology, then they assigned this term specifically to theology in order to distinguish it from other science.

    5. This science was named thus because it is gained by doing debates and exchanging arguments between the opponents, whereas other sciences can be learned by reading books and contemplation

    6. Theology is the most debatable and arguable subject than any other science, hence it demands discussion with opponents and their refutation.

    7. Due to the firmly established arguments, this science is considered as if it is the only and actual speech and other sciences are not speech (kalam) at all (as compared with theology)

    8. Because this science is established on solid arguments, it affects and penetrates into the hearts more effectively than other sciences, hence it was given this name which is derived from the word "kalmun" which means to injure.
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    Theology is called ilm al-kalam. Kalam means speech.

    Was it named that because they used to discuss that the kalām of Allah is ghayr makhkuq?
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