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    there is an exact same thread on this in the archives
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    - reviving theological deviancy!


    tim winters is too embarrassed to give the "Quranic truth" and the "meaning of dhimma" from Islamic sources, so he puts together this piece of garbage quoting kuffar left, right and center! Any place he mentions the odd hadith or scholars like Ghazali, or Suyuti, or Busiri, or Ibn Rajab, it's only for comedic purposes! a genuinely disgusting, truly idiotic, and utterly shameful piece to read:


    ... and then he appeals legitimacy to the Sunnis by throwing in qutubi salafis and khomeini saying alleging that the truth of the matter is not manifested by people such as these

    i don't know much about umar farooq abdullah, but i really fail to see on what grounds he has called it a "a concise and remarkably rich theological statement" in an equally cock n bull foreword!


    and this manifesto by a christian is just perfect for something called "Kalam" research, innit?


    isn't it just beautiful how the cambridge insignia containing the christian cross is placed above the KRM logo of a "Muslim" org?


    haven't read this in full - http://www.kalamresearch.com/images/documents/dutiesofproximity_web.pdf

    but the author shows his devotion to the powers here:


    wAllahul musta3aan!

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