Khata ijtihadi is not a sin (Urdu)

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    Fawatih al-Rahmut, 2:279:

    'Ahl al-Bayt are like other mujtahids - they make errors in judgement (khata ijtihadi). At times they reach the correct judgement and at other times, they make mistakes. It is possible for them to commit errors - which are actions that are unbefitting their rank, that they undertake unintentionally. Such as Fatimah رضي اللہ عنھا making the mistake of abandoning talking to Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه when he refused to allot her the garden of Fadak as inheritance. Although there is no sin upon her for making this error.'

    Fine, let's accept this isn't the mukhtar. But, IT IS an opinion. Those who deem it blasphemy: what is the ruling upon the one who ascribes to this opinion?

    Apparently, Shaykh Asrar said it wasn't khata ijtihadi. Fine. But the opposite view is also an opinion within Ahl al-Sunnah...

    So ulama might have their own preferred opinion but the other position can't be attacked.
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    It'll take an hour or so to read. I went through it and anyone who does with a non-partisan mind will need no further material on the matter.
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    A useful work in Urdu on khata ijtihadi.

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