Khayrat al-Hisan (urdu)

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    brother, can you please use lower case in titles and in posts.

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    This book is the translation of the famous book (Khayrât-ul-hisân) into Urdu hanguage spoken in India and Pakistan. The original book which is in Arabic was written by Ahmad Ibni Hajar al-Haytamî. The book is on the life, deep knowledge, ikhlâs, taqvw and services to Islâm, of Abû Hanîfa, the first of the four madhâhib Imâms. The writer, is the eye-apple of the Ahl as-Sunnat, a profound âlim, and every word of his is a truth and a document. He died in Mecca in 973 [1567 A. D.].

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